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Former DeLay Aide Rakes in the Dough from Nonprofit linked to Abramoff Clients

A former top adviser to Tom DeLay is reported to have raked in the dough from nonprofit organization, the U.S. Family Network, which was created to “promote a pro-family political agenda in Congress.” DeLay’s former chief of staff, Edwin A. Buckham, who helped create the group while still in DeLay’s employ, and his wife, Wendy, […]

Medicare Part D is the FEMA of Health Care

In today’s Democratic Radio Address, Rep. Marion Berry of Arkansas said “the government needs to think long and hard about meaningful Medicare reform.” Berry, who is also a pharmacist said “Seniors need another six months to sign up for the Medicare prescription drug benefit.” Berry said people eligible for the prescription benefit are confused by […]

500,000 Protest Immigration Reform in Los Angeles

Hundreds of thousands marched the streets of downtown Los Angeles today in protest of the proposed immigration reform. MSNBC reports that LAPD “told NBC News that an estimated 500,000 protesters clogged the streets in front of Los Angeles city hall to protest a proposed law they see as punitive to undocumented workers.” There were no […]