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The Immigration Battle Heats Up

The immigration battle is heating up and the sides that are being drawn now, could evolve “into an early battle of the 2008 presidential campaign,” predicts the WaPo. As the fight heats up on the Hill, thousands are taking to the streets across the country to protest the pending Senate battle that could create a […]

FEMA Breaks Promise on Katrina Contracts, John Kerry Demands FEMA Award Gulf Coast Contracts to Small Businesses

AP News has reported that FEMA “has broken its promise to reopen four multimillion-dollar no-bid contracts for Hurricane Katrina work, including three that federal auditors say wasted significant amounts of money.” John Kerry is calling on the Bush Administration to fulfill its commitment, made last October, to award $1.5 billion in federal contracts to small […]

Red State Hatred

Now that he’s been exiled back to RedState Domenech blames his firing not on being exposed for plaigerism but for the attacks from leftists. Before Demenech complains of hatred he should first look in the mirror. As I noted earlier, the real problem with his blog was not that it presented a conservative viewpoint but […]

Who’s Calling Who Xenophobic?

Leave it to the right wing bloggers to immediately cry out about my post and other liberal bloggers who noted the news story yesterday on the “no-bid contract” with with Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. to run a U.S. radiation detector at an overseas port “without American customs agents present.” It seems that by merely noting the […]

King George Has a Secret

George Bush has a secret–lots of them. He is even breaking the law by keeping some of these secrets from Congress. The Boston Globe reveals the latest of George Bush’s secrets to come out. King George believes, once again, that he is above the law and is not required to obey requirements in the Patriot […]

Firestorm Update: Ben Domenech Resigns

The latest news on the firestorm at the WaPo over the hiring of Ben Domenech is that Domenech has resigned. Yesterday Media Matters called on the WaPo brass for the resignation of Domenech. In the past 24 hours, we learned of allegations that Ben Domenech plagiarized material that appeared under his byline in various publications […]

R.I. Bans Abstinence-Only Program from Schools, Calls for Moratorium on Federal Funding

Kudos to the Rhode Island Department of Education who announced today that they have banned an abstinence-only-until-marriage program from their public schools. The program has been found to “violate students’ rights, embrace sexist stereotypes, isolate GLBT youth, and, in accompanying materials, promulgate religious views.” They are also calling on “Congress to declare an immediate moratorium […]

The Real Problem with Red America

There’s been quite an uproar over Red America, including charges of plagiarism and questions of fairness. I don’t think any of these arguments are really what is making liberals upset. The real problem is the adversarial tone of Domenech’s blog. Domenech started his blog with an attack on the left and claims, which I previously […]