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Katrina Funds Earmarked to Pay for Neil Bush’s Software Program

It seems that former first lady Barbara Bush made certain that her son Neil would get a boost from Katrina donations. Barbara Bush, the Houston Chronicle reports, “donated an undisclosed amount of money to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund with specific instructions that the money be spent with an educational software company owned by her son […]

Update on the WaPo Firestorm – Media Matters Says Fire Bigoted Blogger

Today, Media Matters called for the WaPo to fire their newly hired “Red America” blogger Ben Bomenech. The hiring of Bomenech has been a firestorm right from the start. Here’s a few quips from Media Matters letter to the Washington Post brass… Dear Messrs. Brady, Downie, Jones, and Graham, and Ms. Little: I write today […]

GAO Faults Army Over Wartime Armor Delays

The GAO said today that “the U.S. Army failed to have enough armor ready for trucks used after the 2003 invasion of Iraq even though it was told in 1996 to strengthen the vehicles.” In addition, it took longer to produce the armor once it was ordered because fewer of the truck armor kits were […]

Round Two of “Who’s Minding our Ports”: Bush Admin. Hiring Chinese Co. to Scan Nukes

Here we go again… Welcome to round two of “Who’s Minding our Ports.” In the wake of the Dubai ports deal dispute, the Bush administration has given a no-bid contract to Hong Kong conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa Ltd., to “help detect nuclear materials inside cargo passing through the Bahamas to the United States and elsewhere.” Here […]

Kennedy: A Time Bomb of Civil War is Ticking

Today’s Miami Herald features an OP/ED by Senator Ted Kennedy on the impending civil war in Iraq, that the Bush administration fails to acknowledge. A time bomb of civil war is ticking BY EDWARD M. KENNEDY www.kennedy.senate.gov Three years ago we began the war in Iraq, and it’s clearer than ever it’s a war we […]

Kennedy: Bush Should Back Up His Rhetoric By Saying No to Immigration Restrictionists

As the immigration debate heats up, Bush urged a “civil debate” today on the issue. “Ours is a nation of law and ours is a nation of immigrants, and we believe that we can have rational, important immigration policy that’s based upon law and reflects our deep desire to be a compassionate and decent nation,” […]

Feinstein Marks Differences with Challenger and Renews Call to Withdraw Troops from Iraq

Yesterday in Century City, CA, Senator Dianne Feinstein laid out her views on Iraq troop withdrawals, abortion rights and greenhouse gas reductions. Her speech offered a clear contrast with the views of her Republican challenger Richard Mountjoy who is noted to be a staunch conservative on mnay issues including South Dakota’s new abortion law. Feinstein […]

Waxman: Medicare Drug Plans Restrict Access to Important Drugs

Henry Waxman’s GRMO reports today that 97% of the Medicare drug plans use hidden restrictions on popular prescription medications. A new report released by Rep. Waxman is the first detailed analysis of the use of restrictive tactics by Medicare drug plans. Based on a Medicare database, a phone survey of Medicare drug plans conducted in […]