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Faith Based Funds Flow to Bush Allies

The Bush administration has funneled at least $157 million in grants to faith based organizations run by it’s political and ideological allies. That’s right, now as the WaPo reports, conservatives that complained for years about the “liberal tilt of federal grant money” are now seeing that under the Bush administration, “turnabout is fair play.” Among […]

Cheney vs. Kennedy

The Boston Globe comments on Cheney’s attack Sunday, on Senator Ted Kennedy: “Given Cheney’s record on the war, a bit of humility is warranted, if not expected.” That about says it all.

OUCH: The Planet of Unreality

Does it feel to you like things are growing more and more surreal everyday? Well, if it does, than it’s possible you’ve been sucked into the vortex of “The Planet of Unreality.” Chances are you had no intention of going there, clearly a vast majority of American’s did not, but if you unwittingly listened to […]

Factcheck Exposes RNC Distortions on Feingold Censure Proposal

From the summary: A GOP radio ad accuses Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin of proposing to censure President Bush “for pursuing suspected members of al Qaeda,” which isn’t true. Feingold has stated he supports wiretapping suspected terrorists. His measure would censure Bush for ordering wiretaps on US soil without a court warrant, for failing […]

Media Matters Responds to Washington Post on Red America

Earlier today Pamela reported on the firestorm created on the decision of the Washington Post to have Ben Bomenech write a blog. I subsequently commented on his initial post. David Brock of Media Matters has written a letter to the Washington Post protesting this pandering to the right wing and requests real balance by also […]

The Red American Minority

The Red America blog at the Washington Post attempts to place the extremist right wing world view in the mainstream and confuse mainsteam Democrats with leftist extremists. Pamela mentioned the firestorm over the start of the blog today so I decided to take a peak. The blog starts with the claim: This is a blog […]

GOP Lags Behind Democrats in Senate Fundraising

Although the Republican committee that handles Senate campaigns has attempted to pick up the pace in fundraising, they still lag behind their rival Democratic committee by almost a 2-to-1 margin. The National Republican Senatorial Committee raised $5.5 million in February, while the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee raised $3.8 million. Democrats still hold a big advantage […]

Bush’s Poll Ratings Continue to Plummet

A new CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released Monday show Bush’s ratings continue to plummet, even in the wake of his latest push for support on the Iraq war. Bush proved again today that he’s in deep denial and out of touch with reality, as he stated at his press conference, that withdrawal of the troops from […]