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The Demographics of Liberal Thought

Phillip Longman has a cover story in Foreign Policy magazine on the differences in fertility between liberals and conservatives world wide. His findings were also reviewed on NPR’s Morning Edition and in USA Today. Longman reports findings such as that Utah has the highest fertility rate in the nation with 92 children born each year […]

A Setback for Bush Admin: Court Rejects EPA’s Loosening of Air Rule

On Friday The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia dealth another setback to the Bush administration, when they “threw out a controversial regulation in the federal government’s clean-air program that would have allowed older factories, refineries and power plants to install new equipment without using the most modern anti-pollution devices.” The […]

Ted Kennedy Addresses the Role of Congress to Challenge Executive Power

Senator Ted Kennedy gave a speech earlier today on the role of Congress to challenge Executive Power. A copy of the text was provided to The Democratic Daily. Remarks as prepared for delivery at the University of Virginia School of Law: I’m very grateful to Mort Caplin for that generous introduction. I’ve always had immense […]

Porn Star Reports Drunk Republicans Hornier Than Vegas Porno Fans

To follow up on our Thursday story on porn star Mary Carey (best known for dining with George Bush and fantasizing about having sex with the twins), Crooks and Liars has video of Carey on Scarborough Country. Wonder how her dinner with the Republicans went? Carey reports, “I actually get hit on more in Washington […]

Sex-Crazed Blogger To Get TV Show

TV Squad reports that HBO will be doing a show on Jessica Cutler who blogged about her sexual exploits and later wrote the novel The Washingtonienne.

Pandering Gets You Nowhere

George Bush won reelection largely due to motivating the religious right to come out to vote for him. Despite getting Roberts and Alito on the Supreme Court, seeing Row v. Wade come under challenge, and anti-gay marriage proposals in many states, the religious right is still not satisfied: At a news conference in Washington, some […]

The Press Has Awoken

We’ve gone through it for years, including the entire 2004 election campaign, but the media remained silent. Finally they are back. Look at this headline from AP: Bush Using Straw-Man Arguments in Speeches. Jennifer Loven has finally said what we thought every time we’ve heard Bush speak, but nobody has said. She’s like the kid […]

Game Day

Earlier we played, Does John McCain Have Alzheimer’s? If you want a real board game to play, you might try Patriot Act: The Home Verson.