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Friday on Imus: John Kerry

John Kerry will be on Imus in the Morning tomorrow, Friday March 17: Senator John Kerry (D) MA will join us at 7:29am eastern. Is he considering another run at the White House? What would he do about Iraq? Iran? The ports deal?

“Hidden Wounds” Event at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, with John Kerry & Max Cleland

Last Friday John Kerry and Max Cleland attended a forum (see my earlier post) at at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government to premier a documentary from NECN — “Hidden Wounds,” about veterans returning from Iraq with post-traumatic stress disorder. Harvard University Institute of Politics has a video of the event online, including the movie “Hidden […]

John Kerry on Senate Vote to Allow Drilling in Arctic Refuge

The Senate has just passed the $2.8 Trillion 2007 Budget, which contained a controversial measure to allow oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Below is a statement by Senator John Kerry on tonight’s Senate vote 51-49 to pass President Bush’s budget: “For all the talk of America’s addiction to oil, this budget vote […]

Senator Feinstein Opposes Budget as Fiscally Irresponsible

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today opposed the FY2007 Budget, charging that it would lead the nation further down a path of “fiscal irresponsibility.” The following is a statement entered into the Congressional Record by Senator Feinstein in opposition to the Budget: “Mr. President, I rise to oppose this budget. This Administration has chosen to continue […]

John Kerry Keeps Promise to Funding Health Care for Military Retirees

Kerry amendment will restore funding to TRICARE cut by Bush budget. Today, Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) offered an amendment to restore funding for TRICARE, the Department of Defense healthcare program for servicemembers and their families. President Bush’s budget for next year includes a proposal to increase TRICARE fees and co-payments for military retirees under the […]

Around the Blogosphere

BradBlog’s Brad Friedman, the liberal blogosphere’s champion of the voting rights issue, has piece on electronic voting machines: WaPo Drives a Stake Through the Heart of Our Current Inexcusable State of Electronic Voting… NiteSwimming says there’s a third Democrat challenging the Abramoff scandal implicated, Rep. John Doolittle in CA. And Digby has a “Manly” photo […]

John Kerry on Halliburton’s Failure to Provide Purified Water to U.S Troops in Iraq

AP News reports the Pentagon will investigate investigate allegations by a Halliburton Co. water expert that Halliburton endangered U.S. troops in Iraq by “failing to provide safe shower and laundry water.” The most serious allegation came from the company’s water treatment manager in the war zone whose internal report said troops and civilians in Iraq […]

Helmets to Hardhats Good News Story

Last Friday, I posted about John Kerry and Ted Kennedy joining other MA dignitaries in Boston and to sign a resolution to support Helmets to Hardhats. Helmets to Hardhats provides training, apprenticeship, for good paying jobs with benefits. I’m on Helmets to Hardhats email list and just received this link to a wonderful video of […]