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Democratic Views on The War Revisited In Light of Today’s Knowledge

My previous post discussed the ambiguity created by Saddam as to the presence of WMD in Iraq prior to the war, especially prior to the return of the inspectors. While the conservative argument for going to war based upon WMD has been thoroughly discredited, some on the left are also wrong when they claim to […]

The WMD Argument Revisited and Again Disputed

Cobra II provides new insights into the incompetence of the Bush administration in handling the Iraq war. The New York Times has articles this week based upon the information in the book. The authors discussed why Saddam left open doubt as to whether he had WMD even after destroying them: Seeking to deter Iran and […]

Study Shows Bush Rejected More Storm Loans than Any Admin in 15 Years

A new report, expected to be released tomorrow, shows that the White House has “rejected hurricane disaster-recovery loans at a higher rate than any other administration in the last 15 years, according to a congressional study by Democrats.” According to the report by Democratic members of the House Small Business Committee, “business and home loan […]

CREW Files IRS Complaint Against Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform

This seems like a bit of just desserts for the man who wants to do away with taxes… Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) announced today they have filed an IRS complaint against Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), and American for Tax Reform Foundation (ATR Foundation), the conservative, non-profit organizations led by right-wing […]

John Kerry to Put Hold on Bush Pick for Federal Highway Administration

“I’m afraid Richard Capka could be the Brownie of highways,” Kerry said.

Kennedy Slams Bush’s Attempts to Defend Troubled Medicare Program

Bush, the lame duck president, campaigned today to attempt to boost the troubled Medicare drug program that is has become the subject of fierce election-year debate between Republicans and Democrats in Congress. Sad, isn’t it that a president needs to plead with our citizens… Bush pleaded with older Americans _ a key voting block, particularly […]

Kerry Criticizes Bush For Not Keeping Promises on Broadband

Kerry chides Bush administration on broadband By Jeremy Pelofsky WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry accused the Bush administration on Tuesday of falling behind in its goal to make high-speed Internet service, known as broadband, universally available by 2007. The Massachusetts Democrat said the Federal Communications Commission was holding up action […]

John Kerry visits with Cincinnati Mayor Mallory

I reported last night that John Kerry was in Cincinnati yesterday meeting with Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory and a group pf small business leaders, The Cincinnati Enquirer has more… It’s been more than a year since John Kerry lost the 2004 presidential election, but in some ways, he’s still campaigning. The U.S. senator from Massachusetts […]