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John Kerry in NH Points Out What Kerry Got Right

John Kerry was in NH today speaking at speaking at fund-raisers for State Senators Martha Fuller Clark (D-Portsmouth) and Maggie Hassan (D-Exeter). Afterwards he met with reporters to answer questions that ranged from the decision by the DNC to change NH and Iowa’s first in the nation status, to questions about whether or not he […]

John Kerry Returns to New Hampshire

Democratic party leaders are meeting in Washington to consider “changing the presidential nominating calendar”. John Kerry, “the man who won the last New Hampshire primary” returned to New Hampshire today to give support to those who supporterd him in ’04. Sen. John Kerry didn’t mention a proposal by Democratic National Committee panel that would lessen […]

Kerry Takes Another Look… Part II

John Kerry will be speaking tonight in New Hampshire at a fundraising dinner for the Democratic parties of Hillsborough County & the City of Nashua. Rick Klein of the Boston Globe, profiled John Kerry in article that Ron posted some quips from below (like minds… we both posted at the same time). Here’s a bit […]

Dean Criticizes Bush and GOP on Ports Security

DNC chairman Howard Dean delievered this week’s Democratic Radio Address. Dean used the radio address to note the recent divide between Bush and congressional Republicans over ports security and the GOP’s “pre-9/11 mind-set” on ensuring safety at U.S. ports. Dean also “trumpeted the Democrats’ success in helping to derail a plan for a Dubai-owned company […]

Gale Norton’s Legacy

Yesterday, another stallwart Bush ally, Interior Secretary Gale Norton resigned. She went out “the way she came in five years ago,” with praise from big energy industries and criticism from the environmentalists. “Good riddance,” said Rodger Schlickeisen, president of the advocacy group Defenders of Wildlife. “I hate to see her go,” said Kathy Hall of […]