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Five Veterans Running for Congress Say Thank You

The five Veterans running for Congress sent out an email through JohnKerry.com thanking everyone who has donated to their campaigns through Kerry’s KeepingAmerica’sPromise PAC. Job well done from all the John Kerry supporters… Keep it going… Dear Friend, We want to collectively thank each and every member of the johnkerry.com community for an extraordinary effort […]

Dick Cheney Less Popular Than Stalin

The Washington Post looked at Dick Cheney 18% approval rating and put it in perspective by comparing it to the approval ratings of others. They found that Dick Cheney is less popular than child molester Michael Jackson, murderer O.J. Simpson, former disgraced Vice President Spiro Agney, and even Joseph Stalin. It wasn’t a total loss […]

Veep Doo-Doo

The New Yorker takes a close look at VEEP DOO-DOO. Here’s a selection: In the previous CBS News poll, taken pre-shooting, in January, Cheney’s favorability rating was twenty-three per cent—a truer measure of what might be called his underlying unpopularity. Cheney is Bush without the charm, the religiosity, the Michael Gerson speech texts, and the […]

The Republican’s Broken Contact

Right Wing News questions the ability of Democrats to come up with an equivalent of the Republican “Contract with America.” They get a bit of help by quoting a poorly written Adam Nagourney article which does a terrible job of discussing Democratic beliefs. Right Wing News describes what it sees as the problem for the […]

Hillary Dishes it Out: Says Wear ‘Anger’ as Honor

Hillary Clinton is dishing it right back to the Republican’s who are calling her angry and I say – Go Girl! Responding to Republican claims that she may be too angry to win national office, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton told an audience Monday to wear such criticism as “a badge of honor” and suggested that […]

John Kerry to Introduce Line-Item Veto Proposal – “Let’s Hold the President’s Feet to the Fire”

John Kerry has announced he will introduce a Line-Item Veto Proposal to help Bush out with his goal to “weed hometown projects from legislation passed by Congress.” Below is a statement from John Kerry on President Bush’s call for a line-item veto. Kerry previously proposed a constitutional line-item veto that would allow the President to […]

Kerry: U.S. Must ‘End the Empire of Oil’

AP News reports on John Kerry’s speech in Northern Ireland yesterday, which is posted here: Kerry said Sunday that the United States must rebuild the power of the United Nations and help “end the empire of oil” to defeat terrorism. Kerry, … avoided explicit criticism of the U.S. administration during a wide-ranging speech on the […]

S.D. Governor Signs Abortion Ban Into Law

South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds signed legislation today banning nearly all abortions in South Dakota. In signing the bill, Rounds acknowledges this sets up a potential court fight to challenge Rov v. Wade, the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion. The bill would make it a crime for doctors to perform an abortion […]