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Media Finally Catches On To Loss of Patient Assistance Programs

Much of the factual information posted here comes from the news media, but sometimes we are ahead of them. In discussing the Medicare prescription drug program, I have warned multiple times (starting last fall, and most recently here) that the program would lead to higher costs for many people on Medicare due to no longer […]

Murtha Defended From Conservative Claims on Iraq

Refuting all the claims from conservative sites about Iraq is far too consuming for most of us (although I did touch on this for New Year’s). Think Progress responds to John Hinderaker today. Hinderaker claimed that John Murtha was nuts for his statements about Iraq on Face the Nation, claiming that “pretty much every ‘fact’ […]

Be Greatful For Fox News

The Los Angeles Times reports that “the U.S. military plans to continue paying Iraqi newspapers to publish articles favorable to the United States.” Fortunately here in the United States we have Fox News. Just think how high the Bush-deficit would be if the administation had to pay for favorable news at home. With Fox News […]

Doonesbury on Scientific “Controversy”

Today’s Doonesbury tears apart the conservative argument for intelligent design based upon teaching the controversy.

George Clooney’s Doomsday Movie Message

Christopher Dickey asks in Newsweek: “Why is George Clooney’s new generation of doomsday films so prominent in the Oscar lineup? It’s all about the manipulation of fear.” Here we are once again in the Age of Anxiety, Dickey explains. Clooney’s recent crop of films (Syriana and Good Night, and Good Luck), “all echo, in their […]

Cleland Criticizes Bush, Backs Kerry in 2008

From St. Louis Today: Former U.S. Sen. Max Cleland, D-Ga., energized and frightened Missouri Democrats Saturday as he laid out the stakes for the party and the country. Cleland, who lost his seat in a nasty contest in 2002, had harsh words for the Bush administration. “This crowd is leading this country into disaster,” Cleland […]

Embracing Liberal Rankings

The Boston Globe looks at the liberal ratings for Edward Kennedy and John Kerry. After facing attacks from the Bush campaign based upon demonizing liberals, and falsely claiming that John Kerry was the most liberal member of the Senate, David Wade was naturally concerned. ”Americans judge you by what you fight for, not the number […]

John Kerry: “Security in a Dangerous World”

John Kerry is in Northern Ireland today to deliver a keynote lecture at the University of Ulster. Kerry’s speech is part of the Tip O’Neill series of peace lectures at the University. The following is an advance copy of the speech as received by The Democratic Daily — “Security in a Dangerous World”: This January, […]