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George Clooney’s Doomsday Movie Message

Christopher Dickey asks in Newsweek: “Why is George Clooney’s new generation of doomsday films so prominent in the Oscar lineup? It’s all about the manipulation of fear.” Here we are once again in the Age of Anxiety, Dickey explains. Clooney’s recent crop of films (Syriana and Good Night, and Good Luck), “all echo, in their […]

John Kerry: “Security in a Dangerous World”

John Kerry is in Northern Ireland today to deliver a keynote lecture at the University of Ulster. Kerry’s speech is part of the Tip O’Neill series of peace lectures at the University. The following is an advance copy of the speech as received by The Democratic Daily — “Security in a Dangerous World”: This January, […]

Dr. Laniac’s Bad Attitude

Our friend Dr. Laniac has an entry at the Huffington Post Contagious Festival — Check it out here…