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Did Woodward Tape CIA Name Leaker – The Latest Twists in PlameGate and the Libby Trial

And speaking of the Bush administration and the media leaking classified information (see my earlier post)… It seems that Scooter Libby’s defense team is now focusing on “a snippet of a conversation between Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward and an unnamed source in mid-June 2003” that Woodward may have recorded. According to a newly released […]

For John Kerry Supporting the Fighting Dems, Feels Like 1972 Again

Washington Whispers reports, complete with snark and snide comments, that John Kerry, Max Cleland and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Wade Sanders are teaming up to help some 70 Democratic Iraq war vets win in the 2006 elections for Congress. The February political footnotes included this little item: Sen. John Kerry in less […]

Putting a Lid on Leaks, Bush Administration Style

The Bush administration is seeking to put a lid on leaks of classified information and is threatening to prosecute journalists. Ironically they are threatening the very thing White House spokesman Trent Duffy claims they are protecting — “right to free speech and the First Amendment.” The efforts include several FBI probes, a polygraph investigation inside […]

Army to Open Criminal Probe of Pat Tillman’s Death

CNN reports that the Pentagon has directed the Army to open a criminal investigation into the death of former NFL star Pat Tillman. An inspector general ordered the Army Criminal Investigative Division to determine if Tillman’s death resulted from negligent homicide, sources said. Initial reports after his death said Tillman, 27, was shot and killed […]

Most Think Abortion Should be Legal

An AP Ipsos poll taken in the wake of the new legislation in South Dakota shows that “most think abortion should be legal”:

Bush’s Sinking Credibility

The polls show Bush keeps sinking in the mire of his own mess.