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Stars to Arrive at Oscars in Green Cars

Some politically correct, environmentally friendly Oscar nominees will be arriving at the Oscars this year in green vehicles. Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gyllenhaal and Frances McDormand are among those expected to step out of green vehicles and onto the red carpet at the Academy Awards ceremony Sunday. In all, 25 VIPs are participating in the fourth […]

Lawyers Claim Cunningham is “Penniless”: John Kerry on Duke Cunningham’s $40,000-a-Year Prison Sentence Perk

Former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham was due in court today for his sentencing on the fraud charges he pled guilty to on November 28, 2005. Cunningham’s attorneys asked for six years for the former Navy “Top Gun” flight instructor and Vietnam War flying ace. “His own misconduct has already left him penniless, homeless, estranged from […]

McCain Has History of Building Up Own Reputation

The story earlier today that the rumors of a Kerry/McCain ticket came from the McCain camp has led to discussions in the blogosphere as many wonder how reliable this is, and whether to believe James Broyce’s speculation that this was part of a scheme for McCain to ultimately replace Dick Cheney. While the second part […]

Analysis: Video Shows Leaders’ Dissonance

AP’s Ron Fournier reports today, “It’s no wonder Katrina has become a tipping point event that crystalized the public’s long-simmering concerns about the competence and accountability of government.” Here’s a quip from his analysis of the Katrina videos released on Wednesday: President Bush vowed, “We are fully prepared.” Mike Brown barked orders. Weather experts warned […]

John Kerry: WOW! Let’s Keep it Going!

The johnkerry.com community has done it again. 48 hours ago, I sent an urgent appeal asking our johnkerry.com community to rally behind three brave Iraq war veterans running for Congress. Thousands of you answered the call, raising over a quarter of a million dollars to help Illinois veteran Tammy Duckworth and two veterans running vitally important campaigns in Pennsylvania.

2 Out of 3 Americans Want U.S. Pull Out from Iraq

Ron posted earlier today about various polls that show Bush’s approval rating dropping even lower. Editor & Publisher reports that the Gallup Poll that Ron cited also shows that “2 out of 3 Americans want U.S. pull out from Iraq.” While newspaper editorials remain virtually silent on the subject, the American public seems to have […]

Matthews Defended Bush Lies By Claiming Kerry Flip Flopped

Chris Matthews tried to defend Bush’s dishonesty by claiming Kerry flip flopped. Even if his distortions of Kerry’s statements were true, ane even if Kerry had really flip flopped, this would offer no justification for Bush’s lies. Bob Shrum defended Kerry on air, and Media Matters reviewed the show. From the interview: MATTHEWS: Bob Shrum, […]

Rumors of Kerry/McCain Ticket Started In McCain Camp

I’ve always suspected that the rumors of McCain running as John Kerry’s running mate began with McCain. He had also claimed in the past that he had been Bush’s choice but turned him down as he was not interested. Writing at The Huffington Post, James Broyce also believes that the stories about McCain running with […]