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Different Leaders Get Different Receptions in India

In January, The Democratic Daily followed the news as John Kerry made his way through India, Pakistan and the Middle East on a twelve day trip. It’s interesting to note the mass protests in India today in the wake of Bush’s first visit to the world’s largest democracy. There were no protests when John Kerry […]

John Kerry on the New Katrina Revelations and Video

As Ron reported here a short time ago, AP has reported today that Bush ignored warnings on Katrina. The evidence is damning — watch the video here. The Democratic Daily just received the following statement from John Kerry on his reaction to the news and video: “The President knew what he said was unknowable, and […]

Feinstein and Kyl Introduce Tough New Legislation Criminalizing the Construction or Financing of Border Tunnels

As the discussion of national security has recently come to a head over the ports takeover issue, today, Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) introduced tough new legislation that would criminalize the act of constructing or financing a tunnel or subterranean passage such as the tunnels recently found at the Mexican border. These […]

Kerry Legislation Creates an Inspector General to Reign in “Culture of Corruption”

Today, John Kerry demanded an independent oversight of Congress. Kerry, taking direct aim at ending the culture of corruption in Washington, introduced new legislation to “establish an independent Congressional Inspector General to investigate violations of the law and ethics rules by Members of Congress and Congressional staff.” “We have to restore the faith of the […]

Landrieu, Kerry to Hold Administration Accountable on Disaster Loan Program

RisingFromTheRuin Blog on MSNBC reports today that the SBA “loan program leaves lives in limbo” and then they go on to say, in a nutshell that the SBA is doing the best they can under the circumstances… “The SBA has been approving disaster loans at an unprecedented pace,” says SBA Administrator Hector Barreto. I’m not […]

John Kerry Fighting for the Fighting Democrats

John Kerry knows a little bit about being a Fighting Dem. Today, John Kerry is asking for our support in helping to get Fighting Dems across the country elected in the 2006 Congressional races. For years, John Kerry’s own Band of Brothers has stood at his side, not only in the 2004 presidential race, but […]

One Third of Veteran’s Returning from Iraq Seek Help for PTSD

A detailed report by Army experts reported in today’s WaPo shows that “more than one in three soldiers and Marines who have served in Iraq later sought help for mental health problems.” Compounding the issue, the new report comes at a time when budget constraints and cut backs for Veteran’s healthcare are “causing worries about […]