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John Kerry: 12 Hours to Turn the Tide

It’s March 31st and a fundraising deadline for Democratic candidates. John Kerry has been working hard through his Keeping America’s Promise PAC to help candidates across the country in the upcoming November ’06 elections. Today, he’s asking for our help… What you do in the next 12 hours could well determine whether we celebrate on […]

Kennedy and Colleagues Urge Bush to Keep Medicare Part D Transition Policy in Place

Today, Senator Edward M. Kennedy, joined by his Democratic colleagues, sent the following letter to the President Bush, urging him to reverse the decision to end the Medicare Part D transition policy that expires tomorrow, April 1, 2006. Senator Kennedy said, “America’s seniors and the disabled have had months of headaches since the prescription drug […]

Democratic Senators Pitch Chemical Plant Security

Yesterday a group of Democratic Senators condemned a Bush administration plan to bolster security at America’s chemical plants. They called the Bush plan weak, and offered their own plan which “calls for the use of safer chemicals and allows states to enact even stricter protections.” Last week, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff outlined the administration’s […]

John Kerry” The Bush Administration Gives Small Business the Shaft

A new report by the GAO obtained by AP News on Thursday shows that small businesses lose out on hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts from the Energy Department each year. Instead of awarding some of contracts to small businesses, the government often gives “no-bid work to large firms on flimsy grounds, congressional auditors […]

Baucus, Lautenberg and Menendez Join Kerry in Blocking Bush’s Federal Highway Administration Nominee

Senator Max Baucus has announced that he will block the Senate consideration of President Bush’s nomination of Richard Capka, to head the Federal Highway Administration. Earlier this month John Kerry announced that he was blocking Capka’s nomination over his involvement with Boston’s $14.6 billion Big Dig project. Kerry said, “I’m afraid Richard Capka could be […]

As the 2004 Election Approached Rove Kicked Damage Control into Overdrive

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo pointed out a very interesting article Murray Waas wrote in the National Journal.

It seems Karl Rove warned the White House team in the summer of 2003 that Bush’s chances for re-election in 2004 could be in severe danger. Damage control spun into overdrive. The truth could not be revealed to the American public. The President had to be protected at all costs.

John Kerry’s Radio Double Header

John Kerry made the rounds today on liberal talk radio, with interviews on both the Ed Schultz Show and the Al Franken Show. If you missed both of the interviews (as I did) we’ve got them both here… The interview on the Ed Schultz Show covered both the immigration legislation and the Democrats new National […]

Schumer Introduces Bill to Fast Track Domestic Spying Lawsuits to Supreme Court

Senator Chuck Schumer, introduced a bill yesterday that would put lawsuits challenging the NSA’s domestic spying program on a fast track to the Supreme Court. The lawsuits would be heard by a “panel of three federal judges, whose decision could be appealed immediately to the Supreme Court.” With Congress and the Bush administration at odds […]