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House Catholic’s Make a Stand

Fifty-five House Democrats issued a joint statement on Tuesday on the “central role that the Catholic faith plays in their public lives.” The statement comes as many Democrats are “still reeling from the attacks on Sen. John F. Kerry’s brand of Roman Catholicism during the 2004 presidential race.” The signers said they “were fed up […]

Kerry Calls on Bush Administration to Boost Gulf Coast Recovery

The WaPo reported today that “despite Mardi Gras,” New Orleans is “still struggling.” That’s no small surprise to John Kerry who has fighting for the Bush administration to boost Gulf Coast recovery for months. Again, today John Kerry called on the Bush administration to step up to the plate and do what needs to be […]

Medicare Drug Plan Proves a Bitter Pill for Seniors

Last Friday’s Boston Herald featured a very informative OP/ED on the controversial Medicare Drug Plan, by Teresa Heinz Kerry and Jeffrey Lewis. Ron has some coverage on the Medicare Drug Plan today here. Drug plan proves a bitter pill for seniors By Teresa Heinz Kerry and Jeffrey Lewis Friday, February 24, 2006 Even for Washington, […]

Senate Rules Committee Approves Feinstein Measure to Reform Earmark Process

Today, the Senate Rules Committee unanimously approved a proposal by Senator Dianne Feinstein to require 60 votes for any provision (earmark or otherwise) added to conference report that is not contained in the original Senate or House version of the bill. The approved measure was part of a larger package on lobby reform that was […]

John Kerry on the Nomination of David Sanborn to Head Maritime Administration

The Senate Commerce Committee’s Hearing on the takeover of 6 U.S. ports by Dubai Ports Word, is under full swing today. A live stream of the hearing is available here. John Kerry was the first to make an opening statement today. Among his many concerns on the deal are port security, which has been an […]

John Kerry: Israel Boycott Calls Dubai Ports Deal Further Into Question

“The Administration’s mismanaged and misguided debacle of a ports deal has just gotten even worse. Not only did they skip the required national security investigation, now we learn that the parent company of Dubai Ports World actively participates in the Arab boycott of Israel. This boycott not only violates at least the spirit of U.S. law, it is inconsistent with everything we believe in as Americans. We should not be rewarding companies that support discrimination against our key strategic ally and the Middle East’s only democracy.

California Field Poll: Latest Marks for White House

The SacBee released the results today of the latest Field Poll in California showing the results of Californian’s appraisal of Bush on the job. Click on the graphic below for a larger view: For a national view of approval ratings for Bush on the Job, see Ron’s post below on the latest CBS poll. The […]

John Kerry on the Commerce Committee Hearing on the Dubai Ports Deal

John Kerry released the following statement today regarding the Commerce Committee Hearings on the Dubai port takeover deal: “This Dubai ports deal has tapped into legitimate concern about the state of our port security and called into question the judgment and competence of the administration officials who rubberstamped it without a real security review. “The […]