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Kerry Endorses Perlmutter In Denver Visit

CBS4Denver has brief piece about John Kerry’s endorsement of Ed Perlmutter in Denver yesterday and a short video clip… A Massachusetts senator who ran for president was in Denver on Friday. Sen. John Kerry was on the 16th Street Mall to endorse Ed Perlmutter, a Democrat who is running for the state’s 7th Congressional District […]

John Kerry on the Jay Marvin Show

Under Kerry’s leadership, Keeping America’s Promise has one of the largest, strongest and most active candidate-driven organizations in the nation, using the impressive national network of supporters he created during his presidential campaign to help the Democratic Party win in 2005 and 2006. To date, no other Democratic leadership committee has donated or raised as much for Democrats running in the critical 2006 elections.

Kerry Wades into Wind Farm Controversy

Although John Kerry has stayed out of the debate the Nantucket Sound wind farm project for the past five year, yesterday he slammed a Capitol Hill effort that could doom the project. Kerry called a restrictive amendment tucked into an $8.7 billion Coast Guard bill by U.S. Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, ”an insult to Americans […]