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Senator Rockefeller: Bush Admin Hypocritical in Wiretapping Leak Blame

Senator John Rockefeller, top Democrat on the Senate Intel Committee accused the Bush administration of “hypocrisy when assigning blame for leaks about government tapping of US citizens’ phones.” “Given the administration’s continuing abuse of intelligence information for political purposes, its criticism of leaks is extraordinarily hypocritical,” Senator John Rockefeller said in a letter to Director […]

Bipartisan Senate Group Wants Final Ports Decision in Hands of Congress

Eight Republican and Democratic senators said today that they “plan to push emergency legislation next week to require congressional approval of the contract.” The legislation would: — Require that President Bush place a stay on Dubai Ports World’s management of the ports, which had been handled by London-based P&O ports, a company recently acquired by […]

Juan Cole Interviewed on Iraq

MetroTimes, a Detroit alternative newspaper, interviews Juan Cole. From the interview: In my view. the U.S. government, if it were really worried about al-Qaida, shouldn’t have been invading Iraq. Iraq didn’t have anything to do with al-Qaida. If we had spent the kind of money were spending in Iraq on fighting al-Qaida, it would have […]

William Buckley: It Didn’t Work

It’s not only those negative liberals who are saying it. William F. Buckley, Jr. says that, “One can’t doubt that the American objective in Iraq has failed.”

Kerry Most Liberal 2008 Candidate

Rankings based upon votes are not the most accurate way to evaluate a member of Congress, but they are interesting to look at. The National Journal’s rankings are out based upon 2005 votes. Edward Kennedy is most liberal member of the Senate with a score of 96.7. John Kerry is number 8 with an 86.7% […]

Anti War Vet and Congressional Candidate on No Fly List

Congressional candidate put on no-fly list McHugh challenger and war opponent Johnson claims bias By JOE LoTEMPLIO, Staff Writer PLATTSBURGH — A candidate for Congress has been put on a federal watch list as a possible terror suspect, and he wants to know why. Dr. Robert Johnson, a Democrat from Sackets Harbor, near Watertown, who […]

Another Pissed Off Vet Running For the Senate

Promoted from the comments: I have just read about the veteran banned from seeing his Commander In Chief. Despite the sickening act of the ocurrance of the act itself I would like to thank that veteran Command Sgt. Major for his service : Hoowah ! Below, I also talk about another veteran in our Armed […]

Welcome Pissed Off Vet

While bloggers differ tremendously, we all have one thing in common–frequently checking our stat counters to see where our traffic is coming from. I find many interesting web sites this way (even including some links from non-political sites due to the wide variety of topics we touch on here). One blog I found today is […]