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Bush’s Proposed Health Accounts Would Be “The Mother of All Tax Shelters”

Incase anyone was wondering what Bush’s goal is with his Health Savings Account Plan, here’s some insight via Bloomberg… President George W. Bush’s proposal to expand health savings accounts, intended to help contain spiraling medical costs, may prove a tax-free boon for the nation’s rich. Both supporters and opponents of the proposal said the enhanced […]

Money and Connections

In Bush world there are two things that always trump reason and sound judgment — money and connections. The takeover deal for 6 of our ports is just another chapter in this story of greed and corruption that has plagued our government since Bush has been in office, not to mention when his father was […]

Dubai Ports World Agrees to Delay Ports Takeover

Dubai Ports World has offered to delay “part of its $6.8 billion takeover of most operations at six U.S. ports” to give the Bush administration more time to try convince skeptical lawmakers and the American public that the deal poses no security risks, as the Bush administration claims. Earlier today Karl Rove hinted in an […]

Snow’s Doublespeak on Dubai Port Takeover Deal

Treasury Secretary John Snow, head of the panel (CFIUS) that cleared a deal for a state-owned Dubai company to manage major U.S. ports, said on yesterday that he “was not involved in deliberations until after the transaction was approved.” “I involved myself in it as it came to my attention over the course of the […]

Libby’s Lawyers Want Charges Dismissed

Another twist in the Libby case… Lawyers for Vice President Cheney’s former top aide asked a federal judge Thursday to dismiss his indictment because the special prosecutor in the case lacked authority to bring the charges.

PortGate: About That Secret Port Deal and More

There is not much about PortGate that has not been contradictory… Take the latest news today that Bush administration officials, told Congress they spent three months reviewing the deal and said all concerns about security were satisfied. Suddenly the amount of time investigating this deal has more than doubled. WTF? Well hell, that’s a great […]