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Concerns for Dubai Port Takeover Deal Grow

There was more noise on the Dubai Ports World deal today in the wake of Michael Chertoff trying to push the notion yesterday, that American’s should trust the “officials from the Homeland Security, Treasury and Commerce departments, along with the FBI and the Pentagon” who reviewed the deal. New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez jumped on […]

Diebold Machines Re-Certified by CA SOS in Covert Move

BradBlog reported late Friday that Secretary of State McPherson re-certified the “Diebold Optical Scan and AccuVote TSx (touch-screens) for use in elections” in CA. The re-certification (they had been originally decertified in California in 2004 when it was revealed Diebold had installed illegal software updates on the machines) is conditional on some items but not […]

Honoring Former Republican Presidents

I began the celebration of Presidents’ Day with a satire on the War on Christmas, with a few shots at George Bush’s expense. One thing we must remember with our criticism of George Bush is that these are not purely partisan disputes. Bush’s disregard for the Constitution, and his undermining of our national security with […]

Known Liar Continues to Lie

FactCheck has a report today about a pro-DeLay ad which they found misleading. It should come as no surprise that the ad was misleading. FactCheck says, “Tracking down the source of this ad was something of a chore.” When they did track down the source they found that: the ad is being financed by a […]

The War on Presidents’ Day

The Republicans are waging a war on one of our nation’s holidays–Presidents’ Day. After five years of a Republican in the White House, they have debased the meaning of the office, and therefore the holiday. While the Constitution lists limited criteria for the office, previous Presidents were expected to have some degree of understanding of […]

Republicans Solicit Church Directories

The Washington Post reports that the North Carolina Republican Party is requesting that members send in their church directories. Religious groups protested with the Bush campaign did this in 2004, but the Republicans aren’t going to let such protests get in the way of an effective strategy: The North Carolina Republican Party asked its members […]

Bin Laden Reveals Mixed Results From US Response to 9/11

The Miami Herald reviews The Osama Bin Laden I Know by Peter Bergen. Among the items mentioned are Bin Laden’s hatred of Saddam, and that the U.S. response had mixed results, both decimating al Qaeda in Afghanistan but helping rebuild al Qaeda due to increased recruitment due to the invasion of Iraq. Here’s some highlights […]

Scientists Lament Bush Administration Policies

Scientists lamented Bush administration policies during a session organized by the Union of Concerned Scientists (a nonprofit organization that has been highly critical of the Bush administration), the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. David Baltimore, the Nobel Prize-winning biologist and president of the California Institute of Technology, is used […]