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Navy Counsel Issued Warning On Torture

AP News reports that “the Navy’s general counsel warned Pentagon officials two years before the Abu Ghraib prison scandal that circumventing international agreements on torture and detainees’ treatment would invite abuse, according to a published report.” Legal theories granting the president the right to authorize abuse despite the Geneva Conventions were unlawful, dangerous and erroneous, […]

Clean Water Act Under Threat in 2 Supreme Court Cases

Oral arguments in to Clean Water Acts caes are scheduled to be heard bu none other than the Supreme Court’s newest justice, Samuel A. Alito Jr., on Tuesday morning. More than half of the nation’s streams and wetlands could be removed from the protections of the federal Clean Water Act if two legal challenges started […]

Lawmakers Decry Ports Takeover, Chertoff Defends the Deal

Head of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has about as much credibility at this point as a gnat. Needless to say when he “defended the security review of Dubai Ports World” today, it’s a difficult stretch of the mind to trust a word he has to say on this. His record on Katrina speaks for […]

The Senate Coverup Committee

The L.A. Times looks at the irony known as the Senate Intelligence Committee in a Sunday Editorial: Advise and assent THAT THE UNITED STATES Senate has a body called the Intelligence Committee is an irony George Orwell would have truly appreciated. In a world without Doublespeak, the panel, chaired by GOP Sen. Pat Roberts of […]

Inside Dick Cheney’s Dark, Secretive Mind-set

Newsweek has a detailed look at Dick Cheney and how he got to be the man he is today… Dick Cheney has never been your normal politician. He has never seemed as eager to please, as needy for votes and approval and headlines as, say, Bill Clinton. Cheney can seem taciturn, self-contained, a little gloomy; […]

John Kerry Going To Minnesota to Fundraise for Dems

John Kerry is heading to Minnesota next Thursday to raise money for Minnesota Democrats. Last year, John Kerry was in Minnesota to support Chris Coleman’s successful campaign for mayor in St. Paul. Kerry will be traveling to Minnesota and Colorado during the congressional break next week to raise money for Democratic candidates and state party […]

Bush’s Secret Meeting with Novelist Michael Crichton to Discuss Crichton’s Anti Global Warming Novel

Michael Crichton’s 2004 best-selling novel, “State of Fear,” suggests that global warming is an unproven theory and an overstated threat. The book itself drew serious outcry from the environmental community. Now we learn that Bush “a dissenter on the theory of global warming,” met secretly with Michael Crichton to discuss Crichton’s outrages fictionalized theories in […]

Bush Administration Give Big Industries Quiet Protection From Lawsuits

A 5 page expose in the LA Times describes how the Bush administration is protecting Big Business from consumer lawsuits. …through arcane regulatory actions and legal opinions, the Bush administration is providing industries with an unprecedented degree of protection at the expense of an individual’s right to sue and a state’s right to regulate. Notable […]