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U.S. Must Release Domestic Spying Documents

A federal judge ordered on Thursday that the Justice Department must “respond within 20 days to requests by a civil liberties group” for documents about Bush’s domestic spying program. The ruling was a victory for the Electronic Privacy Information Center, which sued the department under the Freedom of Information Act in seeking the release of […]

Feinstein, Schumer, Kerry, Boxer Seek to End Royalty Windfall for Oil Companies

Yesterday, I posted that both John Kerry and Dianne Feinstein were on the same path with both planning to sponsor legislation to end royalty windfalls for the big oil companies. It was announced today that they are co-sponsoring this legislation along with Senators Schumer and Boxer. The four Senators introduced legislation today, to “halt royalty […]

Small World

Victoria Kos reports that Harry Whittington’s wife is Mercedes Baker Whittington, whose brother is James Baker.

Glaciers Melting More Rapidly Than Expected

The Washington Post reports that, “Greenland’s glaciers are melting into the sea twice as fast as previously believed, the result of a warming trend that renders obsolete predictions of how quickly Earth’s oceans will rise over the next century.” The implications are serious: “The implications are global,” said Julian Dowdeswell, a glacier expert at the […]

White House Defends Deal to Outsource Control of U.S. Ports to Dubai Co., Members of Congress Press for Reconsideration

I said the other day when I first posted the news that the Bush administration plans to outsource control of 6 major U.S. ports to a Dubai company — “WTF are they thinking?” Senator Chuck Schumer questioned this on Monday… “Should we be outsourcing our own security?” Schumer said in the interview. Today, Schumer was […]

John Kerry Leads Military Pay-Raise Effort

Kerry calls Bush’s proposed pay raise for troops the “lowest in 12 years.” WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) led a 10-Senator effort to increase the pay for servicemembers. The President’s budget specifies a 2.2% increase – the smallest pay raise for our military since 1994. “Our troops are sacrificing so much, in […]

John Kerry: “Scientific Censorship Has No Place in the United Sates of America”

John Kerry issued a statement today in the wake of the recent news that political appointees (appointed by the Bush administration), at NASA “stopped scientific information from being released during the last campaign”… “Scientific censorship has no place in the United States of America. Revelations that political appointees at NASA stopped scientific information from being […]

John Kerry to Deliver Commencement Address at Kenyon College

Senator John Kerry will deliver the commencement address to the graduating class of Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, on Saturday, May 20. “It’s an honor for me to speak at Kenyon College. These are some of the most passionate, dedicated, involved young Americans out there, and as graduates they will go from being student activists […]