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Whittington Just “An Acquaintance”

During the interview on Fox tonight Cheney called Harry Whittington “an acquaintance.” Not a friend, just “an acquaintance.” I hear shades of “I don’t know Jack” here… The WaPo is already spinning the spin on the acquaintance meme here. Mind you Cheney and Whittington have been acquaintances for “about 30 years” after meeting in Vail.

Cheney Takes the Blame, ‘Unapologetic’ and Admits to a Beer in Fox Interview

Well this is all so special… Dick Cheney’s interview this evening with Brit Hume revealed very little new information on the shooting incident on Saturday. E&P reported earlier today that Brit Hume in an interview Fox’s Shepard Smith, disclosed some of the unaired footage and Hume said Cheney was “utterly unapologetic” about the reporting lag […]

Support Senate Resolution 350: Domestic Wiretapping is Not Authorized

As Ron reported earlier the “NSA privacy violations may be worse than previously reported.” On January 20, Senators Ted Kennedy and Patrick Leahy submitted the Senate Resolution 350 to the Senate; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary. In an email Senator Kennedy asks for our support of Senate Resolution 350: Once again, […]

Kerry on Bush’s Health Care Plan: President’s Plan Won’t Work, Time for a New Direction

Yesterday it was reported by the Wapo that Bush’s new budget would cut many popular health programs. Today, Bush was in Ohio touting his new healthcare plan at the corporate headquarters for Wendy’s International. Below is a statement by Senator John Kerry on President Bush’s remarks on health care in Ohio today: “Ohio and the […]

Cheney to Discuss Shooting on Right Wing Biased Fox

Dick Cheney will take to the air waves tonight to discuss the shooting incident that has dominated the news and the blogosphere, since the story broke on Sunday. Cheney won’t be holding a press conference that would give members of multiple news agencies the opportunity to ask questions. Instead he’s granted an exclusive interview with […]

Legal Scholars Agree: Budget Bill Is Not A Valid Law

Rep. Henry Waxman’s GRMO released a statement yesterday about the recently passed budget bill that Bush signed on February 8, 2006. In the statement Waxman contends that “several constitutional law experts” agree that the budget bill is “not constitutionally permissible” and “is not law.” Several constitutional law experts contend that the budget bill the President […]