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Bush Administration Proposes $1 Billion Public Land Sale, Including National Forests

The L.A. Times is reporting that the Bush administration today announced plans for selling more than $1 billion in public lands over the next decade. The plan would begin with the sale this year of “$800 million worth of national forestland.” The 300,000 acres of forestland proposed for the auction block includes 85,000 acres in […]

The Katrina Missing: Death Toll Likely Higher Than 1,300

And still, more news on the Katrina front today… Nearly six months after Hurricane Katrina, more than 1,300 bodies have been found, but the real death toll is clearly higher. How much higher, no one can say with any certainty. Hundreds of people are still unaccounted for, and some of them — again, no one […]

Audit Finds FEMA Wasted Millions

This has certainly been a day for FEMA/Katrina news. First we have Brownie spilling the beans all over the Senate hearing floor, and then John Kerry calls on Bush to fully fund the Katrina Disaster Loan program, and now… OUCH — NBC News reports FEMA “wasted millions”: The first investigation of how the Federal Emergency […]

John Kerry Calls on President to Fully Fund Disaster Loan Program

With the SBA’s disaster loan program on the verge of shutting down, John Kerry, Ranking Member on the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, called on Bush today to request full funding to adequately respond to Gulf area disaster needs. “The Bush Administration’s short-sightedness in short funding the SBA and its Disaster Loan Program […]

Eavesdropping on Bush’s Eavesdropping Conversation

Bush got nabbed by some eavesdropping reporters today at a retreat for the House Republican Caucus. He was busily defending his warrantless domestic spying (eavesdropping) program, “during what he thought were private remarks.” His comments on the NSA domestic spying (eavesdropping) came after 6 minutes of remarks intended for public consumption with reporters in the […]

Bush’s Job Approval Stuck Near Rock Bottom

Bush’s poll marks on overall job approval and the economy are stuck near rock bottom despite a supposed spike in consumer confidence over the past month, an AP-Ipsos poll found. Bush’s job approval is now at 40 percent and his approval on handling the economy at 39 percent. Those numbers haven’t budged over the last […]

Landrieu, Kerry Call for Local Contracts in Katrina, Rita Rebuilding

In other Katrina related news, yesterday “Senators Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and John Kerry (D-MA) called on the Small Business Administration (SBA) to direct government contracts to local and small businesses in the Gulf region for the inspection of homes and businesses damaged by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.” John Kerry is the Ranking Member and Mary […]

Brownie Places the Blame

Former head of FEMA, Michael Bown placed the blame today for the miserable failures Hurricane Katrina response, squarely on Homeland Security and the Bush administration. Top White House and Homeland Security officials were told that New Orleans was flooding just a few hours after Hurricane Katrina roared ashore, former disaster chief Michael Brown said Friday, […]