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More on Libby May Not Take the Fall for Cheney

As Ron reported earlier, “It looks like Libby might not be taking the fall for Cheney after all.” The WaPo is trying to pass this one off here, but former intelligence officer and colleague of Plame’s Larry Johnson, who has been highly critical of the Bush administration’s campaign against Joe Wilson, said “the Libby testimony […]

Bush’s Claim of Foiled L.A. Plot Seen as a Stunt

The White House has tried to spin Bush’s revelations today about a foiled terror plot on Los Angeles, as unrelated to the Senate hearing on his domestic spying program, but not everyone is buying that line. It’s clear that Bush was pushing the Rovian plan laid out last month the GOP… Critics on Thursday accused […]

Jack Knows George

What seems to be more like a round of Laurel and Hardy’s “Who’s on First” the question of whether George W. Bush knows Jack Abramoff is in the news again and this time it looks like Jack’s on a first name basis with George. Well, maybe not quite that close, but you be the judge… […]

John Kerry Talks to Ed Schultz about the “Duke Cunningham Act” and More…

John Kerry was on the Ed Schultz Show today talking about a new bill introduced the Senate today by Kerry and Ken Salazar: the “Duke Cunningham Act”. From WeGotEd.com …Sen. John Kerry continues to fight for the Americans this president left behind … all but the richest 1%. Kerry is introducing a bill to strip […]

Kerry, Salazar Move to Deny Pensions to Lawbreaking Lawmakers with the “Duke Cunningham Act”

Senator’s John Kerry and Ken Salazar introduced ethics reform legislation today that takes direct aim at the GOP “culture of corruption” in Washington. The “The Duke Cunningham Act” (ouch) would deny taxpayer-funded pension benefits to Members of Congress who break the public trust and are convicted of crimes such as bribery, conspiracy, or other serious […]

Springsteen at the Grammy’s: “Bring Them Home”

Last night performing solo at the Grammy Awards, Bruce Springsteen slipped a political statement into the end of his haunting rendition of “Devils & Dust.” “Devils & Dust” the title song off his latest release is about a soldier at a moral crossroads. At the end of his performance, The Boss called out, “Bring ’em […]

Domestic Spying Program May Have Led Improperly to Warrants

The WaPo reports that James A. Baker, intelligence policy counsel for the Justice Department’s Office of Intelligence Policy and Review, had discovered in ’04 that the Bush administration’s “failure to share information about its spying program had rendered useless a federal screening system that the judges had insisted upon to shield the court from tainted […]