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Bush’s 2007 Budget Plan Would Trim S.S. Survivor Benefits

Bush is at it again with proposed changes to Social Security stuck into his 2007 budget proposal and this time he’s after benefits for widows, widower’s and children. Last year when he was on the road stumping to sell his porposed Social Security plan that was a bust, he vowed that his proposed cuts would […]

Kerry Doffs the Gloves

“Having another go?” Peter S. Canellos, columnist for the Boston Globe seems to think that “Kerry’s decision to lead last week’s unsuccessful filibuster of Samuel A. Alito Jr.’s Supreme Court nomination” could well “end up being his smartest political move in a long time.” The gratitude of liberal activists who hate Alito will be helpful […]

Inc. Magazine Names John Kerry “Entrepreneur-friendly” Member of Congress

Inc. Magazine has an article naming the top four members of Congress who are “entrepreneur-friendly.” John Kerry is named one of the “Best Friends In D.C.: On the Hill” for small businesses. Of course this is no small secret to Democrats and many small business owners, but the fact is, Republicans constantly try to paint […]

Weapons of Misdirection

Bush’s eulogy to Coretta Scott King was clearly overshadowed today by both Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. He took a direct hit from Rev. Joseph Lowery, who co-founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with Martin Luther King Jr., when he took several jabs at foreign and domestic policies including a clear reference to Bush being […]

Carter’s Son to Run for Senate

Jack Carter, 58, the son of former President Jimmy Carter formally announced a his candidacy for the U.S. Senate on Monday. This is his first bid for elected office. Carter is seeking to unseat Nevada’s junior Sen. John Ensign, a Republican who grew up in the state. With his parents sharing a stage in the […]