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New Bush Policies Would Whittle Away at National Parks

Why does George W. Bush hate nature and the environment? For someone who claims to be an outdoorsman type and can’t wait to get home to his Crawford ranch for those photo op’s we see of him clearing brush, Bush sure does like to screw with all things environmental and mess with things like our […]

Dianne Feinstein Picks Apart Bush’s 2007 Budget

The senior Senator from California went to town today picking about Bush’s 2007 budget proposal. Dianne Feinstein hit the nail on the head when she said, “The President’s budget reflects priorities that are out-of-step with the significant challenges faced by most Americans.” “Billions of dollars are being cut from important domestic programs, forcing seniors, children […]

John Kerry: Bush’s Budget Doesn’t Meet Needs of Small Businesses

Earlier today I posted John Kerry’s reponse to Bush’s proposed 2007 budget. It’s a lot of slash, slash here and cut, cut there for most programs including the SBA, it seems. Bush’s budget request for fiscal year 2007 “does not meet the needs of America’s small business owners,” Senator John Kerry, Ranking Democrat on the […]

Expect No Straight Answers

I didn’t have time to watch the NSA hearings today, but reading through news accounts and various musings in the blogosphere it’s obvious that the theme of the day was “expect no straight answers” from A.G. Alberto Gonzales. The WaPo reports that “Gonzales chose his words carefully,” and frequently limited his answers to “this program” […]

Helen Thomas Slaps Scotty McClellan – “You Know What Happened to Nixon”

OUCH! Helen Thomas ripped Scotty McClellan today during the White House press briefing regarding Bush’s warrantless domestic spying program… Helen: You know what happened to Nixon when he broke the law. CrooksandLiars has the video here and Raw Story has the transcript here. Q (Thomas): Does the president think he should obey the law? He […]

Mark Fiore: Flamey McGassy

Check out Mark Fiore’s latest cartoon: Flamey McGassy: Your Guide to Global Warming!

Kerry Stumps for the Democratic Party

John Kerry knows what the priorities are for the coming and year and that is what he is focused on when he goes on the road to stump for the Democratic Party and the upcoming 2006 elections… Former presidential candidate John Kerry wasn’t stumping for himself during a stop today in Baltimore. And he wasn’t […]

John Kerry Responds to Bush’s 2007 Budget: “Priorities are Sorely Out of Whack”

John Kerry responded to Bush’s 2007 Budget proposal submitted to Congress today with the following statement: “If budgets are a statement of your values backed up by dollars, then this President’s priorities are sorely out of whack.