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Feminism Pioneer Betty Friedan Dies at 85

Betty Friedan, the mother of the modern feminist movement, author of “The Feminine Mystique” which helped to shatter the suburban ideal of the post-World War II era died today on her 85th birthday. As the first president of NOW in 1966, Betty Friedan “staked out positions that seemed extreme at the time on such issues […]

Boehner Backed Intelligent Design in 2002 Letter

John Boehner, recently elected House Majority Leader, wrote a letter to the Ohio Board of Education supporting the teaching of intelligent design according to a May 2002 article in the Washington Post. The Intersection has a copy of the letter.

A Real Way to Honor America’s Troops

A Real Way to Honor America’s Troops By John Kerry and Lane Evans For America’s veterans, 2005 was like the movie “Groundhog Day.” Day after day in Congress we have had to fight for the health care and benefits that our veterans have earned, but after every minor victory we seemingly have to fight the […]

The American Taliban And Matters of Degree

B. Preston of the JunkYardBlog questions the left’s antipathy towards the religious right by (correctly, if irrelevantly) arguing that they aren’t as bad as Muslim extremists: HERE’S SOMETHING I’D LIKE SOME LEFTIST TO ANSWER: Christians get rapped by the left for protesting anything, anytime, anywhere. But we don’t go on societal campaigns of violence, bombing […]

Bush: Pusher-In-Chief

George Bush stated that the United States is adicted to oil in his State of the Union address. The Economist, perhaps being upset that Bush didn’t give The Economist credit for their previous cover story on this problem, has some unflattering descriptions of Bush’s energy policy. The Economist labels Bush “the pusher-in-chief” in their analysis […]