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Intelligent Design Loses in Utah

Another defeat for creationism/intelligent design, this time in Utah: In a defeat for critics of Darwin, the Utah House of Representatives on Monday voted down a bill intended to challenge the theory of evolution in high school science classes. The bill had been viewed nationally, by people on each side of the science education debate, […]

John Kerry: Israel Boycott Calls Dubai Ports Deal Further Into Question

“The Administration’s mismanaged and misguided debacle of a ports deal has just gotten even worse. Not only did they skip the required national security investigation, now we learn that the parent company of Dubai Ports World actively participates in the Arab boycott of Israel. This boycott not only violates at least the spirit of U.S. law, it is inconsistent with everything we believe in as Americans. We should not be rewarding companies that support discrimination against our key strategic ally and the Middle East’s only democracy.

California Field Poll: Latest Marks for White House

The SacBee released the results today of the latest Field Poll in California showing the results of Californian’s appraisal of Bush on the job. Click on the graphic below for a larger view: For a national view of approval ratings for Bush on the Job, see Ron’s post below on the latest CBS poll. The […]

John Kerry on the Commerce Committee Hearing on the Dubai Ports Deal

John Kerry released the following statement today regarding the Commerce Committee Hearings on the Dubai port takeover deal: “This Dubai ports deal has tapped into legitimate concern about the state of our port security and called into question the judgment and competence of the administration officials who rubberstamped it without a real security review. “The […]

Coast Guard Raised Concerns Weeks Ago on Port Deal

During a hearing today on Dubai-owned DP World’s plans to take over operations at six U.S. ports, a disclosure was made that the Coast Guard raised concerns on the deal weeks ago, noting that due to “broad gaps in U.S. intelligence” they could not determine whether a United Arab Emirates-based company seeking a stake in […]

Is Rove Obsessed with Hillary?

Hillary Clinton says Karl Rove has her on his mind a lot these days… Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday that President Bush’s chief political strategist Karl Rove “spends a lot of time obsessing about me.” The former first lady and potential presidential contender was reacting during a radio interview to a new book quoting […]

Feinstein to Co-Sponsor the DREAM Act

Senator Dianne Feinstein today announced that she will sign on as a co-sponsor of “The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act,” which would provide qualified undocumented high school students who wish to attend college or serve in the armed forces an opportunity to adjust to a lawful status and pursue these goals. The […]

Waxman Calls for Subpoena of Documents on Halliburton Profits

The NY Times reported this morning that the Army has decided to “reimburse a Halliburton subsidiary for nearly all of its disputed costs on a $2.41 billion no-bid contract to deliver fuel and repair oil equipment in Iraq, even though the Pentagon’s own auditors had identified more than $250 million in charges as potentially excessive […]