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NOW Applauds Kerry and Kennedy for Leading Filibuster

NOW released a statement yesterday, applauding John Kerry and Ted Kennedy for leading the filibuster fight. “NOW applauds Senators John Kerry and Ted Kennedy for taking the lead in launching a filibuster of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito,” said NOW President Kim Gandy. “We call on all women’s rights supporters in the Senate to join […]

The Young Turks Filibuster On-Air, Pamela Joins Guest Host Brad Friedman On-Air

The Young Turks are Filibustering On-Air! Brad Friedman from BradBlog is jumping in to help them out as a Guest Host from 5p-8p (PT). I just had a call from Brad, he’s asked me to join him on air at approximately 5:30 pm (pt). I’m totally flattered… I’ll be lending my voice to the filibuster […]

Debunking the Kerry “Davos” Spin

The Republicans are spinning their attacks on John Kerry with the usual flair when they try to push this nonsense about Kerry calling for the filibuster of Alito from Davos. Let’s not be our own worst enemies and buy into this Davos nonsense. Because that is what it is — nonsense. John Kerry was actually […]

John Kerry on the Medicare Drug Plan

Fix Medicare prescription drug law The Lowell Sun Senator John F. Kerry Two years ago, President Bush signed the new Medicare prescription-drug benefit into law amid much hype and fanfare. But now the only cheers are from the special interests. Insurance and pharmaceutical companies are thrilled with their profits, but Massachusetts seniors now attempting to […]

Fighting the Good Fight, Knowing When to Pick Your Battles

There’s been a some chatter in the blogosphere and the MSM about John Kerry’s timing in announcing a filibuster on the Samuel Alito nomination to the Supreme Court. I find that curious, as typically Senators do not announce a Filibuster until close to the final vote on a bill or nomination. You have to know […]

The Death of “Socialized Medicine”

Despite the obvious failings of our health care system, conservatives have been successful in shouting down any discussion of change by screaming “socialized medicine.” They have been successful in lumping together any form of government involvement with true government run health programs with few, if any, Democrats support. We may be reaching a tipping point […]