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John Kerry on the Alito Nomination: The Time To Stand Is Now

John Kerry spoke on the Senate Floor earlier today outlining his reasons for making a stand against the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. I heard a clip of the speech this afternoon on The Ed Schultz Show, that defined, in my opinion what this is about: The Time To Stand Is Now […]

Standing Strong to Filibuster Alito

Here’s an update on those committed to Stand Strong and filibuster the Alito nomination… Leading the Fight: John F. Kerry and Edward M. Kennedy. Committed to Filibuster: Barbara Boxer (D- CA), Dianne Feinstein (D- CA), Christopher J. Dodd (D- CT), Richard J. Durbin (D- IL), Debbie A. Stabenow (D- MI), Robert Menendez (D- NJ), Harry […]

Feinstein to Vote No on Cloture for the Nomination of Judge Samuel Alito

It’s been confirmed Dianne Feinstein to support the filibuster of Alito… Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today announced that she will vote no on cloture regarding the nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr. to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. “Based on a very long and thoughtful analysis of […]

John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry at the World Economic Forum

John Kerry and Teresa Heinz-Kerry were at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, yesterday, attending a plenary entitled ‘Muslim Societies in the Modern World’. Kerry cut his trip to the World Economic Forum short yesterday to return to D.C. to lead the filibuster effort against Samuel Alito’s Supreme Court Nomination. Other U.S. Senators in […]

John Kerry on C-Span Now, Speaking on the Alito Nomination

Tune in – C-Span.org. Kerry is speaking on the Alito nomination.