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NY Times Editorial: Senate Dems Need to Filibuster

The NY Times has an editorial calling on Senate Democrats to FILIBUSTER. They make a compelling argument why they need to do this. I hope they listen. I understand the arguments against a filibuster, I also strongly agree with the last lines in the NY Times OP/ED: A filibuster is a radical tool. It’s easy […]

Specter Questions Gonzales on Domestic Spying, Bush Dismissed ’02 Surveillance Proposal

Hat tip to SpeciousReasoning… Is Bush in trouble, well when you have Republican Senator Arlen Specter starts asking questions like the ones (15 to be exact) sent to the “Attorney General” Alberto Gonzales. Senator Specter, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is asking some questions that make it clear that Bush broke the law. Read […]

John Kerry on His Opposition to Judge Alito’s Nomination to the Supreme Court

For everyone who missed the pain of watching the full day’s proceedings on the Alito nomination in the Senate… The Democratic Daily has got the full John Kerry coverage here! Below are Senator John Kerry’s full, prepared remarks on the floor of the Senate today on the upcoming vote on Judge Samuel Alito to serve […]

Liberal Bloggers Boycott MSNBC’s Hardball

The liberal blogosphere has launched an all out assault on Chris Matthews and MSNBC’s Hardball in the wake of Matthews comments last week comparing Michael Moore to bin Laden. There’s more information at OpenLetterToChrisMatthews, including advertisers to target. Peter Daou has an extensive post today on The Daou Report that succinctly explains what this fight […]

John Kerry: Military Must Be Ready to Face Modern-Day Threats

In the wake of recent reports released in the past couple of days, that our military is stretched too thin, and a denial today from Donald Rumsfeld on those reports, Senator John Kerry issued the following statement today: “Two reports from former Secretary of Defense William Perry and respected defense analyst Andrew Krepinevich tell us […]

Rockefeller, Feinstein, Committee Democrats Urge Intel Committee to Hold Hearings on NSA Domestic Spying Program

In a letter yesterday to Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman, Pat Roberts (R-KS), all seven Democratic members of the Intel Committee requested that the Chairman hold a business meeting to vote on authorizing a committee investigation into the controversial NSA domestic surveillance program. To date, the Chairman has not committed to holding hearings on the program. […]

C-Span Alert: Kerry Up Next on Alito Debate

Tune in to C-Span 2… John Kerry will be up next at approximately 3:40 est, I am told.

Sen. Patrick Leahy Seeks Information on Subpoena of Google

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s Ranking Member, Sen. Patrick Leahy asked A.G. Alberto Gonzales today “what steps are being taken to protect Americans’ privacy rights as the Justice Department demands information about Internet searches.” In a letter released on Wednesday, Leahy asked Gonzales about the subpoena to Google and three other companies seeking data about what […]