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John Kerry Nails Bush: President Fails to Explain Why He’s Above the Law

In a statement responding to Bush’s speech today, which he used to defend his domestic spying program, John Kerry nailed Bush (again) saying Bush “spoke for nearly two hours, but failed to explain why he considers himself above the law”… “One of the few things I enjoyed hearing in Judge Alito’s confirmation hearings was his […]

Rove Wrong on Domestic Spying

I’ve already done quite a bit of coverage on John Kerry’s interview on “This Week” yesterday, here, here & here. CrooksandLiars has more on this today including a brief video clip from “This Week”… I thought John Kerry responded well to the obviously false Rove assertion. All Bush had to do was ask to change […]

John Kerry – Stand with Us: No on Alito

John Kerry announced on ABC’s “This Week” yesterday that he will No on Alito (see earlier coverage on Kerry on “This Week” here, here & here). John Kerry just sent out an email with a petition against Alito. Kerry plans to enter all of the names on the petition into the Congressional Record when he […]

A One – Two Punch from Kerry and Harman Leads the Dem’s Fight on Bush’s Domestic Spying

Senator John Kerry and Rep. Jane Harman led the Democrats fight on Bush’s domestic spying yesterday, saying they “will press President Bush to justify his decision to allow domestic eavesdropping, rebuffing suggestions by Republicans that their criticism of broad executive authority puts the nation at risk.” Rep. Jane Harman of CA, the senior Democrat on […]