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He’s Back…

Karl Rove has come out of hiding to offer the GOP a “new battle plan” for the 06 elections. Funny, the gist of the “new battle plan” sounds a lot like the old battle plan… 1) Tax Cuts for the Wealthy 2) Show the Democrats as Wrong on National Security 3) Push the Judiciary as […]

John Kerry on Kos — Real Hardball

John Kerry posted a diary on the Daily Kos today about the Chris Matthews/Hardball scandal. Here’s a quip: Here’s what I’d like to see debated on Hardball. President Bush’s mouthpiece Scott McClellan can claim this administration puts terrorists out of business, but yesterday’s tape reminds us that instead of being out of business, Osama is […]

An Open Letter to Chris Matthews

The Blogosphere is a buzz today with criticism of Chris Matthews’ comment yesterday on Hardball comparing Michael Moore to Osama bin Laden. Any one who wants to add their 2 cents can post a comment here: An Open Letter to Chris Matthews. Peter Daou has a blog round up of the scandal here and more […]

Jim Rassmann: Make It Clear We Will Not Tolerate Swift Boat Smears

Days before the Iowa caucus in the 2004 primaries, Jim Rassmann emerged from the political sidelines to step up to a podium and announce his support for John Kerry. Kerry had saved Rassmann’s life in Vietnam (we all know the story), it was time, he felt to “tell the American people about John Kerry, about […]

Alberto Says, Bush “Has Got the Power”

The Bush administration — via mouthpiece, Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales — sent a 42-page white paper to Congress yesterday outlining their legal justifications that Bush “has got the power” under the Constitution to order warrantless eavesdropping on U.S. citizens. They’re trying to pass the buck on this one, but no one really seems to […]