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Kerry, Obama Fight to Protect EITC, Tax Refunds for American Families Affected by IRS Freeze

Earlier this month, the National Taxpayer Advocate Report to Congress showed that “Criminal investigators at the Internal Revenue Service froze more than 120,000 taxpayers’ refunds last year on suspicion of fraud.” Many of the tax returns were filed by low-income workers, including some who claimed the earned-income tax credit. These low-income taxpayers have been seriously […]

Matthews Compares Michael Moore to Osama — John Kerry Responds

Today on Hardball, Chris Matthews compared Michael Moore to Osama Bin Laden while discussing the newly released Osama bin Laden tape with Joe Biden. Matthews: I mean he sounds like an over the top Michael Moore here, if not a Michael Moore. You think that sells… Crooks and Liars has the video here. Peter Daou […]

John Kerry on The Situation Room from Baghdad: Al Qaida Not the Principal Problem of Iraq

Blitzer tried to pin Kerry into saying that the Al Qaida was the problem in Iraq, the BS Bush administration meme. Kerry was not buying it…
“The fact is that Al Qaida is not the principal problem of Iraq. The principal problem of Iraq is a larger group of people who reject the current direction because of the shape of the constitution, because of a history of cultural confrontation, and because of their current fears that they are not going to be protected.”

Mother Pleads for Kidnapped Reporter’s Release

BLITZER: It’s a heart-wrenching stor, this 28-year-old American journalist who was kidnapped where you are. You’re in Baghdad right now. What are you hearing? I’m sure the subject has come up in your briefings there.
KERRY: Well, Wolf, it’s more than come up in my briefings. I’ve raised the subject in every single meeting that I’ve had.

Kennedy: A Vote Against Alito Is a Vote for Progress

“In evaluating Supreme Court nominees, there is no more important question than whether they are dedicated to equal justice under law. Judge Alito is a highly intelligent man, but his record does not show a judge who is willing to enforce the constitutional limitations on executive power when government officials intrude on individual rights.

His record does not show a judge who is open to the claims of vulnerable individuals asking only justice against powerful institutions.

His record does not show a judge who upholds the liberty and privacy of citizens seeking to protect their fundamental rights.

His record just does not show a judge who is committed to equal justice under law.

That is why I oppose his confirmation to the Supreme Court, and I fervently hope that the Senate will do so as well.”

For more on Senator Kennedy, visit www.tedkennedy.com

John Kerry: What They’re Up Against (and What We’ve Accomplished)

This past November, our 3 million citizen volunteers helped spearhead Get Out The Vote efforts in critical Democratic victories across the nation … And since the end of 2004, together we gave $4.5 million to Democratic candidates, committees, state parties, and progressive causes.
We mobilized to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from the Bush-Cheney drill-at-any-cost onslaught… And we garnered endorsements from over 700,000 citizens, from every state in the nation, for our Kids First Act to provide health care for the 11 million uninsured children.

CNN Alert: Kerry Interview from Baghdad

Heads Up: Senator Kerry will be on CNN today in the 4:00 hour (probably about 4:33) and again in the 7:00 hour. It’s an interview he did earlier today from Baghdad. UPDATE: We will have video soon…

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