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Alito — Not Fit for the Court

The Boston Globe published a strong opinion against Samuel Alito today — Alito is “Not fit for the court.” Just a reminder on that note, if you haven’t called your Senators, please do. If you have not signed the Petition at SaveTheCourt.org, please do. Raise your voices!!! SAMUEL ALITO tells a moving and very American […]

John Kerry Tours Quake Ravaged Region of Pakistan, Distributing School Uniforms for Children

John Kerry visited the earthquake ravaged region of Pakistan today, meeting with leaders and survivors of the quake, and distributing school uniforms to children. The tent village Kerry visited is funded partly by both the U.S. and Cuba. Kerry’s visit came in the midst of warnings that “heavy snow would blanket the quake zone over […]

U.S. Airstrike in Pakistan Based on False Info — Pakistani’s Protest

Yesterday, a deadly U.S. missile strike hit a residential compound in Pakistan — they were acting on information that al Qaeda’s Zawahiri was in the village. U.S. officials both CIA and Defense Department are declining to talk about the airstrike, which took the lives of “nine women and six children.” Apparently, Zawahiri was not in […]

John Kerry Signals Change Needed for Pakistan Nuclear Deal

After spending a few days touring India and meeting various Indian leaders including Prime Minister Singh, to discuss nuclear technology and other bilateral matters, Kerry was in Pakistan today meeting with Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz. From Reuters: John Kerry said on Saturday that Pakistan ought eventually to have the same access as rival India to […]