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Poll: Most Want Court OK for Gov’t Taps

A new AP-Ipsos poll shows that “a majority of Americans want the Bush administration to get court approval before eavesdropping on people inside the United States, even if those calls might involve suspected terrorists.” Over the past three weeks, President Bush and top aides have defended the electronic monitoring program they secretly launched shortly after […]

Do You Think the Economy is On the Right Track?

Yesterday, I wrote about Bush painting a rosy picture for the economy and the fact that it is “not so rosy for many, especially small business owners.” The fact is Wal-Mart is sucking the life out of small businesses across the country. But, that is not the only problem with the economy. I know that […]

DeLay Abandons Bid to Remain House Leader

Tom DeLay has abandoned his bid to remain as House Majority Leader. As I reported on Thursday, House Republicans were gearing up to replace DeLay as Majority Leader. DeLay abandoning his bid has cleared the way for leadership elections among Republicans eager to distance themselves from the deepening grasp of scandals revolving around Delay and […]

My Lai Hero Hugh Thompson Jr. Dies at 62

Hugh Thompson Jr., a former Army helicopter pilot who was honored (in 1998) for rescuing Vietnamese civilians from his fellow GIs during the My Lai massacre, died early Friday at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Alexandria. He was 62. Thompson, whose role in ending the 1968 massacre, did not become widely known until 3 […]