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Ted Kennedy: Alito’s Credibility Problem

The senior Senator from MA, Ted Kennedy, has an OP/ED in Saturday’s WaPo, on Alito credibility problem. I except Kennedy to hit hard with questions for Alito when the nomination hearings start next week. Alito’s Credibility Problem By Edward M. Kennedy Every Supreme Court nominee bears a heavy burden to demonstrate that he or she […]

Kerry, Young Victim Take Up Child Porn Fight

I reported earlier today, that John Kerry held a press conference today in Boston heralding Masha’s Law, bipartisan legislation thatr will dramatically increase penalties for anyone who downloads child pornography off the Internet. The Boston Channel has a great print story and a video on the press conference. You can watch the video by clicking […]

As Bush Paints Rosy Picture for the Economy, Small Businesses Feel the Wal-Mart Pain

As a small business owner who supplies products to small retailers, I feel the Wal-Mart Pain. While Bush is out today painting a rosy picture for the economy, the fact is it is not so rosy for many, especially small business owners. In response to Bush’s speech today, Harry Reid said, “While some corporations are […]

Poll: Democrats Favored to Control Congress

A new poll AP-Ipsos taken this week on the heels of Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff pleading guilty to tax evasion, fraud and corruption charges shows that Americans are leaning more toward giving back control of Congress to Democrats. The poll found that Democrats are favored 49 percent to 36 percent. President Bush’s job approval remains […]

John Kerry Holds Press Conference in Boston on New Legislation to Increase Penalties for Downloading Child Pornography

John Kerry held a press conference in Boston today to speak about his recently introduced legislation that would increase penalties for anyone who downloads child pornography off the Internet. ‘Masha’s Law’ is named for Masha Allen, who was adopted from a Russian orphanage at age 5 by an American man who began sexually abusing her […]

John Kerry on Air America’s Rachel Maddow Show

John Kerry was on Air America’s Rachel Maddow Show this morning. Among the issues discussed were the current culture of corruption with the Republican party, the recent coal mining accident in West Virginia, Kerry’s position on Foreign Policy and Iraq (which Maddow noted she is a fan of), his upcoming trip to Iraq and the […]

John Kerry Blasts Pat Robertson for Sharon Comments

Ron posted here yesterday about Pat Robertson’s comments yesterday on Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s recent stroke. Today, Senator John Kerry issued the following statement on Rev. Pat Robertson’s comments on Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon: “It is beyond shocking to think that as Prime Minister Sharon fights for his life, Pat Robertson would attack […]

Democratic to Senators to Demand Full Answers From Alito

The Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on the Alito nomination are scheduled to start on Monday. Senate Democrats on the Judiciary Committee warned Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito Jr. on Thursday “to expect pointed questions at next week’s hearing.” They also said they “may postpone a final vote on his confirmation until late January.” A […]