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Arhnold Moves Left: Schwarzenegger Seeks Huge Spending Increase in CA

In an absolutely nauseating ploy to stay in the Governor’s office in California after his failed “Special Election” in November Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed a massive new spending intiative for “highways, schools, air quality and ports” today. In his second State of the State address, Schwarzenegger proposed a $70 billion bond issue, the biggest in California […]

Bush Takes Suggestions on Iraq?

Bush claimed to that he listened to the suggestions offered by bi-partisan former Secretaries of State and Defense. “It was a unique meeting,” said Frank C. Carlucci, 75, who served as defense secretary under President Ronald Reagan in the late 1980s. “It was all very respectful, but I think people didn’t hesitate to express candid […]

Republicans in the House Look to Replace DeLay

The Abramoff scandal and it’s possible connections to Tom DeLay are starting to take their toll on the Republican members of the House. Friday’s WaPa reports that “an internal battle is underway among House Republicans to permanently replace Rep. Tom DeLay (Tex.) as majority leader and put in place a new leadership lineup that is […]

New Look for The Democratic Daily

We’re starting out the new year here at The Democratic Daily with a new look! I hope everyone likes the new logo and color scheme.