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Bush Makes Appointments Bypassing Senate

Bush bypassed the Senate today to a make a few recess appointments including installing former Navy Secretary Gordon R. England as deputy secretary of defense. Before joining the Bush administration in 2001, Gordon England was an executive at General Dynamics Corp. Chalk up another corporate cronies in Bush’s stable. The Constitution allows that the president […]

Top Dem on the House Intell Committee Told Bush White House Broke the Law

Rep. Jane Harman of CA, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee told Bush today that the White House broke the law by “withholding information from the full congressional oversight committees about a new domestic surveillance program.” In a letter to Bush, Harman said ‘the National Security Act requires the heads of the various […]

Nuclear Powered USS Reagan Ships Out

The nuclear powered USS Reagan shipped out of San Diego today on it’s maiden deployment. The task of the Reagan will be to conduct naval operations in support of the global war on terrorism. It is not however, scheduled to sail to the Persian Gulf. The Reagan is the Navy’s newest Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. It […]

Connecticut Scraps Electronic Voting Machines

Connecticut has scraped their plans for using electronic voting machines. Hat tip to BradBlog. “I am stopping the purchasing process for electronic voting equipment in Connecticut,” Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz. “The state will use lever voting machines in the 2006 election.” After a much publicized, public testing of modern electronic voting technology late […]

Top Republicans Give Up Abramoff Donations

Top Republicans are quickly cleaning out their coffers of Abramoff tainted money. AP News reports that “President Bush, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and his successor Roy Blunt Wednesday joined the growing list of officials shedding political donations from Jack Abramoff, the once powerful lobbyist who has agreed to testify in a broad-ranging political […]

John Kerry Was Right: Ex-CIA Agent Says US Missed bin Laden in Afghanistan

During the 2004 presidential campaign, and recently on Imus in the Morning, John Kerry has contended that senior US commanders failed to capture Osama bin Laden at Tora Bora because of an over-reliance on unreliable Afghan warlords and he “accused the Bush administration of allowing the al-Qaeda leader to escape by not sending American troops […]

Bush Does Outreach

With the Bush administration faily miserably in Iraq, the White House will be engaging in a little outreach session on Thursday as a bipartisan group of former secretaries of state and defense gather in the Roosevelt Room of White House to “attend a briefing on Iraq and other issues.” Among them will be several who […]