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Abramoff Plea Threatens Rep. Bob Ney, Powerful Members of Congress

The Campaign for America’s Future is targeting Rep. Bob Ney’s connection to the Abramoff scandal in an ad run next week to “highlight Rep. Ney’s involvement in the worst corruption scandal to hit Washington since Watergate.” Here’s their press release: The Campaign for America’s Future today announced that it will unveil new advertisements next week […]

Kerry and Electability

Yesterday we posted the AP article on Kerry as a potential 2008 candidate. Tracking down the liberal blogs which comment on this article is interesting. Those which openly object to Kerry running again all seem to come down to one thing–electability. Beyond the poor logic in questioning the electability of a candidate who came so […]

Pelosi: Intelligence Panel Had Clue About Spying

According to a letter released today by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Congressional intelligence committees had at least a “hint in October 2001 that the National Security Agency was expanding its surveillance activities after the 9/11 attacks.” Pelosi had raised questions to General Michael Hayden, the NSA director at the time, about the legal authority […]

Bush Flip Flopped on Medical Marijuana

George Bush, whose background from a family which totally lacks principles, is the natural flip flop champion, always being willing to say whatever seems best at the time to pick up votes. TheAgitator found yet another Bush flip flop, this time on medical marijuana. They found this entry in the October 20, 1999 issue of […]

Senators Who Made Us Proud in 2005

Yellow Dog, Bob Geiger gave out his Senate Weasel of the Year Award last week. Today he posted about “Democrats who vote like they understand their party affiliation and who consistently make us proud.” Here’s a quip: Think all Democratic Senators are made of the same stuff? Think again. Then, take a look at the […]

DeLay Prosecutor Subpoenas Abramoff Documents

The prosecutor in Tom DeLay’s money laundering case issued subpoenas today looking for possible links between lobbyist Jack (I’ll be singing like a bird) Abramoff and fundraising by Tom DeLay. District Attorney Ronnie Earle issued the subpoenas in Austin the same day that Abramoff pleaded guilty in Washington to federal charges of conspiracy, tax evasion […]

Faith Based Organizations Face Suits Over Proselytizing

The Chicago Tribune reports on abuse of government money by faith based organizations: Faith-based groups are barred from proselytizing or engaging in other obvious religious activity when using federal funds to encourage teenagers to abstain from premarital sex or help substance abusers fight addictions. But some groups may have run afoul of that federal prohibition. […]

Discussion with David Friedman Continued

Last month I had a post on libertarian economist David Friedman’s new blog. David Friedman joined us for the discussion and, after a hiatus, added a reply today. With the Republicans increasingly becoming the party of big government, leaving the Democrats as the more libertarian alternative on issues such as the war, civil liberties, and […]