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Empowering Democrats in 2006

Recently, a few people have asked here what we think we can do to empower Democrats in 2006. When I think in terms of empowerment, I think of building up confidence and being supportive of others, and enlightening and educating both the people of our country and our leaders. The blogosphere is a tool that […]

Moderates Oppose Far Right in Kansas GOP

There may still be some hope for Kansas as now all are moving to the far right: A moderate Republican who lost her seat in the Kansas House to a conservative GOP opponent will try to win it back as a Democrat. Cindy Neighbor, now a member of the Shawnee Mission Board of Education, is […]

Five of The Most Absurd Right Wing Arguments

To celebrate the New Year in the same spirit as we recently celebrated Festivus, I am looking back at five of the many absurd arguments we’ve heard from the right (listed in no particular order). Most of these were first heard before 2005. Hopefully the changed public perception of Republican rule will lead to the […]

Happy New Year: The Year of the Citizen

Cross-posted from Freedom’s Fire, Brightly Burning, with minor edits. I want to wish all our readers a happy, healthy and productive year in 2006. I hope we will work together to bring real, positive change to America and to our nation’s role in the world. There is much to be done, but it will be […]