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Abramoff to Sing: Name That Tune

It appears that Jack Abramoff is close to making a plea deal with Federal prosecutors. The looming question is… what tune will Jack be singing about whom? Federal prosecutors and lawyers for Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff are putting the finishing touches on a plea deal that could be announced as early as Tuesday, according to […]

Republicans Grumbling About Senate Campaign Committee

With the Democrats showing prospects for picking up several Senate seats in 2006, the Republicans are getting nervous. The Wall Street Journal reports: REPUBLICANS GRUMBLE about party’s Senate campaign committee, which has been outraised by Democratic counterpart. One strategist faults the committee for “wasting its time” handing out “Politician Awards” to Democrats, arguing the gibe […]

Arhnold is Lobbying for CA Dem Votes

After a year of being stung by his own initiatives, Arhnold is holding out an olive branch to Democratic voters in California. Offering an unexpected election-year gift to 650,000 California students and their parents, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will ask the Legislature to cancel a hefty fee increase scheduled for next year at the state’s public […]