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Democrats: DHS Hasn’t Fulfilled Promises

The Department of Homeland Security showed itself as lacking and failing in many ways during the Hurricane Katrina disaster a few months ago. A report released today by House Democrats shows that the Department of Homeland Security has failed to fulfill 33 of its own pledges to better protect the nation. The report concludes that […]

Democrats Look to Win Back Senate in 2006

The Associated Press looks at Charles Schumer, who heads the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and his strategy to pick up seats in 2006. Democrats need to pick up five seats, and Schumer is concentrating on seven races in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, Montana, Tennessee, and Arizona. What looked like a long shot a year […]

Votes recounted, John Kerry assumes Presidency

That’s a headline we’d all love to see. Unfortunately it appears at The Spoof.

Bush Denied Wiretaps, Ignored FISA Court

As I read more on the Bush wiretaps, things are making more sense–and looking worse and worse for Bush. My initial impression was that Bush was needlessly ignoring the law as, in the post 9/11 climate, I wouldn’t expect him to have much trouble getting any wire taps he wanted approved by the conservatives appointed […]