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Kerry & Conyers on “Politcally Direct” Christmas Day

David Bender has holiday treat cooked up for his Air America Radio show — Politically Direct, tomorrow from 2:00 – 3:00 pm, EST: December 25, 2005 Johnnies Be Good – Kerry & Conyers for Christmakah! My special guests today on our holiday edition of Politically Direct are Senator John Kerry and Congressman John Conyers. Topics […]

No Bush Rebound

The CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll is not showing any meaningful rebound for George Bush. His approval is at 41% based on data from December 16-18. While better than his low of 37%, this represents three polls in a row with decreased approval. Plus, this came out before the latest reports on Bush violating the Constitution, and […]

Barons Calls For Investigation of The Impeachment of George Bush

While some in the right wing blogosphere are willing to excuse any abuse of power by George Bush, many other conservatives have realized he has gone too far. Bush is finally at risk of losing his base. When Barons is talking about impeachment, it is time for everyone, left and right, to acknowledge that the […]