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Criticism of Bush From the Right

While far too many conservatives have become apologists for the Bush Administration, there are some with integrity remaining on the right. For example, check out a few of today’s posts at LewRockwell.com. Michael Rozeff gives his projections of a possible future in which “Bush Plans National Despotism Party” and becomes President for Life. Anthony Gregory […]

From the Salon War Room

Did Bush lie about wiretaps to cover up his spying program? Sometimes we wonder why the White House maintains a Web site, let alone one where it’s awfully easy to search prior statements and speeches for “gotcha” moments. Once George W. Bush admitted that he signed an executive order authorizing warrantless wiretaps on American citizens, […]

Spy Court Judge Quits in Protest

Following up on my last post on the differences between surveillance under Clinton and Carter compared to Bush, this news comes from the Washington Post: A federal judge has resigned from the court that oversees government surveillance in intelligence cases in protest of President Bush’s secret authorization of a domestic spying program, according to two […]

Right Wingers Falsify History To Justify Bush Crimes

The willingness of many so-called conservatives to make excuses for the Bush Administration, regardless of the degree to which he tramples upon the Constitution, and regardless of the crimes he commits, appears to have no limits. In the past week, as an example of either his arrogance or stupidity, George Bush became the first President […]

Radio Alert: John Kerry on The Bill Press Show, Wednesday Morning

Today, John Kerry did an interview with Bill Press and Christy Harvey for “The Bill Press Show.” The interview will air Wednesday morning at 8:33 a.m. est, on the Sirius Radio Network. If “The Bill Press Show” doesn’t air in your market, you can listen in live at www.billpressshow.com, and they will podcast it later […]

Kerry, Isakson Push for Tougher Penalties for Child Internet Pornography

Today, Senators John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) introduced legislation to dramatically increase penalties for anyone who downloads child pornography off the Internet. The current penalty for downloading songs off the Internet is three times the penalty for downloading pornographic materials of children and infants. Their bill also will fix the law to allow […]

Poll: Bush Fails to Sway Public on Iraq

Bush’s recent speech blitz has failed to sway the public opinion on Iraq or “to buy patience for the war or convince more Americans that the conflict is part of a broader campaign against terrorism, according to a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll taken over the weekend.” The interviews with 1,003 adults nationwide were conducted Friday through […]

Conyers Calls For Censure of Bush and Cheney

Conyers Releases Report on Misconduct of Bush Administration Concerning Iraq War Calls for Censure of President Bush and Vice President Cheney WASHINGTON – December 20 – Representative John Conyers, Jr., Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, released the following statement regarding today’s release of a staff report entitled “The Constitution in Crisis: The Downing […]