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Barbara Boxer Consults John Dean on Impeachment

It’s been a very, very interesting day and Ron predicts that tomorrow will be equally interesting. Hat tip to Indie Liberal on this interesting development from Barbara Boxer’s office: Boxer Asks Presidential Scholars About Former White House Counsel’s Statement that Bush Admitted to an ‘Impeachable Offense’ December 19, 2005 Washington, D.C.– U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer […]

Tuesday May Be A Big News Day

There should be a lot to talk about on Tuesday. The Washington Post reports on the FBI’s spying on domestic organizations: FBI counterterrorism investigators are monitoring domestic U.S. advocacy groups engaged in antiwar, environmental, civil rights and other causes, the American Civil Liberties Union charged yesterday as it released new FBI records that it said […]

C-SPAN: Democratic Senators Press Conference on Drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge

Coming up at 10:18 est on C-Span: Drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge U.S. Capitol, Senate Radio TV Gallery John F. Kerry, D-MA Joseph Lieberman, D-CT Diane Feinstein, D-CA Maria Cantwell, D-WA Frank Lautenberg, D-NJ Text of John Kerry’s statement in the press conference: KERRY: In the 21 years that I’ve been here, I’ve […]

What is “Shameful”

The entire world knows now that Bush has authorized a domestic eavesdropping program. Clearly it appears that he is in the wrong with this and many Democrats and some Republican members of Congress “have questioned the source of the president’s power to engage in eavesdropping without the involvement of a judge, as required by the […]

Congressman Calls for Impeachment

Congressman calls for Bush impeachment The Associated Press – ATLANTA U.S. Rep. John Lewis said Monday in a radio interview that President Bush should be impeached if he broke the law in authorizing spying on Americans. The Democratic senator from Georgia told WAOK-AM he would sign a bill of impeachment if one was drawn up […]

Senator Dianne Feinstein on the President’s Comments Regarding Patriot Act and Domestic Spying

Senator Diane Feinstein issued the following statement today regarding Bush’s statements today on the Patriot Act and domestic spying: “I believe the Patriot Act is vital to the protection of the American people and I question why the President is opposing a three-month extension while efforts are underway to reach a consensus on two problematic […]

John Kerry: Big Oil: Mission Accomplished?

I’ve have posted numerous posts on the fight to keep ANWR drilling out of the Defense Bill in the Senate, over the past few days. The latest was John Kerry’s floor speech in the Senate earlier today. JohnKerry.com just sent out an Action Alert asking everyone to call their Senators. Here’s the text of the […]

Searching for Weapons of Christmas Destruction

The New Yorker also reports on the mythical war on Christmas, finding that no weapons of Christmas destruction have been found: Chestnuts are roasting on an open fire, with Jack Frost nipping at your nose and folks dressed up like Eskimos—or, to update the line for political correctness, with tots in boots just like Aleuts. […]