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John Kerry Tells Esquire What He’s Learned

John Kerry was interviewed for the What I’ve Learned feature in the January Esquire (contents not currently on line). Here’s some of what Kerry had to say: Unfit for Command was a pack of lies. I said so at the time. My crew said so. The Navy said so. But a lot of money was […]

The Honeymoon’s Over

Congress might finally be figuring out what it should have been doing for the past five years. The Washington Post has an article entitled Bush’s Fumbles Spur New Talk of Oversight on Hill: After a series of embarrassing disclosures, Congress is reconsidering its relatively lenient oversight of the Bush administration. Lawmakers have been caught by […]

Kerry Spoke Correctly

A letter to the editor I just found on line: Kerry spoke correctly TriCities.com Sunday, December 18, 2005 The Herald Courier said, in its Dec. 10 “Thumbs Down column,” Sen. John Kerry “stuck his foot in his mouth by tarring American soldiers.” I remember the Army, and mostly soldiers do whatever they are ordered to […]

John Kerry Stumps for Baldacci in Maine

John Kerry is Maine today stumping for Governor John Baldacci’s re-election campaign. In the photo below Kerry joins Maine governor John Baldacci in an anecdote about the Red Sox playoffs and the U.S. Presidential debates. Kerry was attending two events for Baldacci today in Maine — an afternoon fund-raiser at the Sea Dog Brewing Company […]

More Hot Water for Frist: Charity Records Raise Questions

Already under investigation by federal authorities for possible insider trading, it seems that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist may be in more hot water as AP News reports that First’s “AIDS charity paid nearly a half-million dollars in consulting fees to members of his political inner circle, according to tax returns providing the first financial […]

Congress Works Weekend to Wrap Up Bills

AP News reports that Congress is working this weekend “searching for pre-holiday deals on the anti-terrorism law, military spending and budgets for big domestic agencies.” Among the items other than the renewal of the Patriot Act awaiting action in Congress are: _the Republicans’ $40 billion-plus, five-year spending cut plan. It would take on the spiraling […]

David Friedman on Attracting Libertarian Votes

David Friedman, libertarian economist and son of Milton Friedman, has started a blog. No guys, stop making those faces. There are people across the political spectrum with valuable things to say, and David Friedman is likely one of them. One of his first posts suggests that Democrats go after the libertarian vote, such as by […]

Safeguarding Our Way of Life

Our new friend Dave, who visited us in the comments section, has introduced us to his Klansman like friends in a link in order to argue about the need to safeguard our way of life. Safeguarding our way of life is what this is all about. I responded with suggestings to help safeguard our way […]