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The Pentagon is Spying on Americans

NBC news has uncovered a secret 400 page Defense Department document that shows that the Pentagon is spying on Americans. A year ago, at a Quaker Meeting House in Lake Worth, Fla., a small group of activists met to plan a protest of military recruiting at local high schools. What they didn’t know was that […]

Milbank Debunks Administration’s Arctic Oil Claims

Interior Secretary Gale Norton told a “friendly” (biased) audience at the Heritage Foundation yesterday that “ANWR would supply every drop of petroleum for Florida for 29 years. New York for 34 years, Illinois for 43 years, California for 16 years or New Hampshire for 315 years.” Dana Milbank debunked that stretch of the truth in […]

Embattled Red Cross President Marsha Evans Resigns

Embattled The American Red Cross chief executive Marsha Evans who took a lot of criticism in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, will resign at the end of the month. Evans was hired in 2002 after the stormy departure of its former CEO, Bernadine Healy, who was forced out in 2001, shortly after the Sept. 11 […]

A Note on John Kerry’s Birthday Event in Boston

Marjorie G, longtime Kerry supporter and blogger from NYC, attended a birthday party/PAC event in Boston last night to celebrate John Kerry’s birthday and raise money for his Keeping America’s Promise PAC. Marjorie shared a little from the event in the comments. I thought it worth posting here as a thread… Marjorie said everyone at […]

UMASS Professor: Medical Marijuana Grown By the Federal Government Isn’t Very Good

Lyle Craker, a horticulturist who heads the the medicinal plant program at UMASS, is “challenging the government’s 36-year-old monopoly on research marijuana. Craker’s suit claims government-grown marijuana lacks the potency medical researchers need to make important breakthroughs.” “The government’s marijuana just isn’t strong enough,” said Richard Doblin, a Craker supporter who heads the Massachusetts-based Multidisciplinary […]