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Saturday Night Humor: Condi Cracks the Whip

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Katrina Evacuees Sue To Extend Hotel Plan

The questions looms as to what to do with the people misplaced by Katrina. The Bush administration seems to have turned a blind eye to the mess in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast and FEMA wants to cut off evacuees who are still staying in hotels. Lawyers for Hurricane Katrina evacuees still staying in hotels […]

Passengers: Shot Suspect Mentioned No ‘Bomb’

The recent shooting of Rigoberto Alpizar in a jetway in the Miami airport is stirring up some new reports today. Some passengers interviewed are saying they never heard him mention a bomb. Passengers saw no threat Some passengers, including John McAlhany, said they believe Alpizar was no threat to anyone.

Eugene McCarthy, Former Senator, Dies at 89

Breaking news: Former Minnesota Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy, whose insurgent campaign toppled a sitting president in 1968 and forced the Democratic Party to take seriously his message against the Vietnam War, died Saturday. He was 89.

John Kerry to Address American Public Health Association Annual Meeting

John Kerry will address the American Public Health Association (APHA) 133rd Annual Meeting and Exposition in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Sunday, December 11, 2005 at 12:30 pm, at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Kerry will speak about his KidsFirst Plan (S.114) which will provide health care coverage for the 11 million uninsured children in America. Kerry’s plan […]