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Kerry Spokesman Responds to RNC Attack Ad

The RNC has released a new web ad today on the “Democrats’ Plan For Iraq” titled ‘Retreat ‘and Defeat‘. The ad is being sent to RNC supporters, grassroots activists and all of the GOP State Parties. It highlights attacks from the RNC on statements by Democratic leaders Howard Dean, Barbara Boxer and John Kerry. Kerry […]

Reporter Countersues Sinclair

The Baltimore Sun reports that a reporter who was sued in October by Sinclair Broadcast Group after he accused it of political bias has filed a countersuit: Jonathan S. Leiberman, Washington bureau chief for the Hunt Valley-based company until his dismissal in October 2004, said in his lawsuit that he was wrongfully discharged and that […]

Media Matters Refutes Attacks on Kerry

Media Matters for America has two new items today defending Kerry from dishonest attacks from Rush Limbaugh and other right wingers. See Limbaugh ties Kerry and Democratic Party to “war” on Christmas and Limbaugh defended his and Mehlman’s Kerry distortion with falsehood.

6,600 Missing Katrina Victims Don’t Want to be Found

The National Center for Missing Adults reports that there are some 6,600 missing Katrina victims. Gary Hargrove, Harrison County Corner says, “What a perfect time for someone to disappear” perpetuating the concept that 6,600 people have decided to change their idenities and start new lives in the wake of Katrina. Personally I find this idea […]

Plea Deal With 2nd Abramoff Associate

Another Abramoff pal is ready to sing like a bird against Abramoff and possibly Ney — “Adam Kidan, a longtime confidant of Abramoff’s, has agreed to testify against Abramoff in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.”

Senate Dems Ask for More Alito Papers

Yesterday, Senate Democrats called for more information from Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito Jr. about his time as a federal judge and a government lawyer. They said that “questions that seem to have incomplete answers.”

Kerry Talks to Imus: “They Were Hell Bent for Leather, to Take Out Saddam Hussein”

John Kerry was on Imus in the Morning today. Amid the humorous banter between Imus and John Kerry, about whether or not Kerry will run again (he’s still not talking), there were discussions over the recent right wing twist on Kerry’s “Face The Nation” interview; withdrawing troops from Iraq; the mis-leading information that was used […]

Senator Feinstein Seeks Clear Policy on Torture Overseas

Today, in a letter to U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Dianne Feinstein “calls for unambiguous rules governing the detention and interrogation of prisoners.” In her letter to Gonzales, Feinstein calls him on his lack of clear responses to questions on torture during his confirmation hearings. Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) is urging […]